Letter from mom Year 2.1

Dear Landon-
So now you are 2 years and one month old. This last month has been very interesting. You’ve spent some time with Grandma, which has been nice! You enjoy going to grandma’s house and playing with your cousins. You’ve really grown a lot recently, maturing from a toddler to a little boy. Sometimes I am just so surprised to look at you and think about how small you used to be.
You prefer to walk places, or be carrier, rather than sit in a cart or stroller. I don’t know why. We can put you in the stroller sometimes and its fine, and sometimes its not. You are getting so fast though! You can keep up and even run now, although, thankfully, you can’t outrun an adult yet!
Also, you gave me a heart attack last week. I got to Laura’s for dinner on Thursday, and you came inside from playing outside with the other kids. I was in the kitchen talking to Laura, and after giving you a hug and kiss, you went off to play. A couple of minutes later, I went to check on you, and the front door to the house was open. I ran outside, and you were almost to the street! You were very mad when I took you inside and made you stand in the corner for that. You also let the dog out, and I suspect that you were attempting to follow the dog; hence the trip to the street, as Zero-dog had run across the street already. Thankfully, you were unharmed and the dog was easily caught and brought back home.
You are now entering the “MINE” phase, which is pretty cute, as well as annoying. I don’t mind it when you are playing alone, “MY CAR!” but when you are playing with others; it’s not a good thing. You are truly starting to hate the word “Share.”
Your hair was getting very unruly, and based on your freak out when we went to get your hair cut the first time; we gave you a haircut at home. I apologize, because it’s not even, but overall, it looks okay. I promise not to send you to school with a cut like that. Hopefully by the time you need another cut, you will be able to sit in the seat and get a nice cut at a barber shop!
You are getting much better at general communication. In the morning when you wake up, if I’m not up yet, you get up and yell for me. “MAMA? MAMA?” This normally is occurring at 6AM on the dot on the weekends, since 6AM is when we get up to go Laura’s four days a week.
I worry a little bit about your diet. You eat like I eat, which isn’t healthy. We had an argument last night, because I made you potatoes, and you wouldn’t even try it. It seems to go that way most days. I hope that you will outgrow your picky eating.

We love you very much, little man. We are so proud of you.

Love always,

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