Letter from mom Year 2

Happy Birthday Landon!!!
Now, you are two. What the heck do we do with a two year old?
This past month, you began easing yourself into the terrible twos. We’ve had a couple episodes of what we like to call “Evil Baby,” where you are being a brat because either you didn’t get your way, or because you can’t communicate what exactly it is you want. You scream, sometimes throw things, and are in general, evil. Thankfully, these episodes seem to be few and far between, except when you have been sick.
Which is of course, what happened. You had a cold, which turned into an ear infection, which turned you into evil baby. Thankfully a trip to the doctors was in order, and you recovered swiftly. You also had a wart on your right knee. You started picking at it, so it started bleeding. Another doctor’s visit this month proved necessary, where you had the wart frozen off. The wound has almost healed at this point, though I expect a small scar to result.
Overall, I’ve been very impressed with you, as usual, this month. You’ve grown some, you weighed in at 29lbs at the doctor’s office. Your words are growing at amazing rates, and you can count to ten without too much prompting. You said ‘House’ yesterday, among many, many other things. We went to the cabin one weekend, and you enjoyed the hiking and playing in the water, although you fell into a deep puddle by the waterfall.

Your cute of the month this month is the word “CycleBike” which is your name for Motorcycles. Slowly you are learning the correct name, but “CycleBike” is just two cute!

For your birthday this morning, you managed to turn the lock on your bedroom door and lock yourself in your room. It took me a few minutes to get it unlocked, and you were very upset that I wouldn’t let you out!

You are adorable, smart, and wonderful, and we are so happy to have you in our lives.

We Love You!!!



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