Letter from mom Year 1.10

Dear Landon-
I know I’m late again. Whenever your month-a-versery falls on a weekend, I tend to be late. Alas, here you are, 22 months and 2 days old. Last month was pretty exciting and mixed up for you. You and I took a trip to Carbondale, Illinois to see Grandma Sue and Great Grandma, as well as a sundry of various other family members up the maternal line. You seemed to enjoy the visit. We returned home and then Laura went on vacation, making for an interesting bit of shuffling you about so that mom and dad could make some money to buy you more cars with. You had your very first ever haircut, which you hated. You were sick, briefly, and you’ve started to get your terrible two on, despite being a few months short of two.
And that’s the month in review. I guess I should give you some details.
Our flight to St. Louis (we have to land there, and then drive to Carbondale) was rather late, and so you got to play in the airport for a while. You got to sit in your own seat for takeoff, and you were so proud of yourself. You slept for most of the plane flights, which was also nice. We had a whirlwind trip through out IL. You got to eat at Giant City, play in Grandma’s basement while the tornado sirens went off, climb through a castle, eat Teppanyaki, and sing happy birthday to your Grandma. You and Grandma got along famously, and she gave you lots of cool toys to take home.
We were happy to come home and see Dad though, and you adjusted to life back in AZ without too much trouble. Your first haircut was on June 4th, and you threw a large temper tantrum during it. Dad had to hold you so that the lady could cut your hair!
It’s been a rather exciting month for you, and you escaped your room one night this month. I heard you yelling, so I went downstairs. You had climbed up on your chair, up on your booster, and were standing about 4.5 feet off the ground standing on the aquarium stand, holding onto the aquarium. You was screaming because you were afraid to get down. My heart stopped in my chest when I saw this. You were fine, thank goodness!

We love you, always.


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  1. Anonymous
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 21:10:22

    We were hoping for a “baby girl” but a puppy will due just fine for now! Nothing cuter than a boy & his dog.
    Your friends at the Game Depot


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