Letter from mom Year 1.9

Dear Landon.
Black Jack again! You are 21 months old today.
I’m a little tired, as you woke me up the last two nights, so writing this is taking a little more effort than usual. Your father is out of town this week. He was also out of town on business for a week earlier this month. Both times you ask for him. I always tell you he will be home on Friday, but I don’t think you understand that concept yet.
You are a VERY picky eater. And I know you get that from me. You’ve got a pretty limited set of meals that you will eat, and you never want to touch the veggies on your plate. You will eat noodles, PB&J, hot dogs, rice, chicken nuggets, and today you had fish sticks for the first time. That list is pretty much the list of meals you will eat. Well, you also have cereal on a pretty regular basis. You just aren’t in to trying new foods. You do love Bananas though, I think that might be your favorite. You’ve been to a couple of birthday parties this month, and we remembered to bring you Dairy Free Chocolate cupcakes, which you devoured with gusto.
I’m slowly being to NOT be shocked when some new word or phrase comes out of your mouth. I also know you understand a lot more than you can speak. You love to ask to go “outside” or “grandmas” and you are obsessed with “shoes”
You have also developed what we now call a “Yell of Dominance.” When the other children at Laura’s are doing something not pleasing to you, you give your “yell.”
This has become a Time Out offense, which has you very sad. I have had to put you in a corner a couple of times this month for various offenses. So far, this form of punishment seems to work, which shocks me. I only hope it continues to work for a very long time.
You do sleep through the night most nights, but you also wake up some nights. One night you had crawled completely under the bed, and were screaming from down there. One night you demanded a “cup,” so I brought you a cup of water, and after a few sips you were asleep. Sometimes I just turn your lullabies back on and pat you on the back for a minute and you drop right off. Sometimes I just have to return your pooh bear to you. Sometimes I think the cats came into your room and woke you.
You love cars, and you also love dice. You play with cars all the time. You love things with wheels, and things with buttons.
In just 3 months, you will be a TWO YEAR OLD. This shocks me. At the same time, anything that occured “pre Landon” seems a long time ago too. Strange how that works out.
I know I’m cutting it short this month, but please remember that we always love you!


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