Letter from mom Year 1.7

Dear Landon-
I’m running late posting this letter this month. I totally spaced on your 19 month birthday. I’m also not positive I’m going to have a lot to say each month as you get older, so I guess at some point these will begin to be spaced out more, skipping a month now and then. But perhaps not, I’m a bit crazy, as I’m sure you well know by the time you can read this.
In the past month, you stayed at Grandma’s house overnight twice! You love going to grandma’s, and seem to have a lot of fun when you are there. You love all the animals and excitement. You get along pretty well with your cousins, and enjoy playing with cars no matter where you are. You’ve also recently discovered what fun dirt is, and like to sit and play in it whenever possible.
At your 18 month well baby visit, you weighed in at 26.9lbs and were 34 inches tall. Your head is 51cm around, which is, apparently, huge. You got your final baby vaccine, and are now fully vaccinated. You still have mystery diharea though, it comes and it goes. You had the most disgusting diaper I have ever seen this month. It was full of undigested grapes.

You have a new favorite game, called the “whatz tat?” game, where you point at something, and then demand to know “whatz tat?” This can be played by hours, and nothing makes you happier then hearing someone name all the objects in a room, even though you already know the names. You also are getting really good at pointing out objects in books and such. I can ask you to point at the, Ball, Fish, Giraffe, Baby, Banana, Duck, Car, Train, many nick/noggin characters, ect, and you do. You even are getting better at speaking, and said “Uncle Jack” for the first time this week.
I fear that Car may soon become your second favorite word, replaced by “NO!” You just entered a NO phase in the last few days, saying no to just about everything.
We painted the house, and your playroom got a face lift. Now it is green, and decorated with cars. You even have a toddler bed shaped like a car, which you have taken exactly one nap in!

You give the best hugs ever.

Love Always,


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