Letter from mom Year 1.6

Valentines 2008
Valentines 2008
made by ashamilee @ baby_graphix

Dear Landon-
Happy 18 months! This makes you a year and a half old, exactly. Also, happy Valentines Day! I love that your half birthday is on Valentines Day. You are 27 Lbs and 32 inches tall!
We had an eventful month! We took you to see snow for the first time this past month. A cabin trip to Payson, and then we took some time to drive north of there to find some snow. You HATED the snow. You thought it was cold and icky and did not want to walk on it. It didn’t help that the only snow coat I could find in your size was a girl pastel yellow.
At the cabin you sleep in the room with us in your pack and play. This was fine, but around 3AM on Saturday night, you woke up crying. I moved you into bed with Daddy and me, where you seemed to enjoy kicking and squirming for the next three hours. When we finally realized you were awake, and not going back to sleep, Daddy said something. You suddenly went “Dada?!?!?!” in a surprised but happy tone, and proceeded to bounce all over Dada. It was like it suddenly dawned on you that the man you had been kicking all night was Daddy, and that he was right there with you! And wasn’t that great? It was adorable.
This month you also went Peepee in the potty for the very first time. We haven’t been potty training per say, just putting you on the Potty when we have a chance too. You don’t mind peeing in the potty, but have no preference for the potty over your diaper. You also do not like to use the potty in the morning. I think this has to do with you having trouble waking up. You need your soy milk and about 30 minutes to wake up, and after a nap sometimes it feels like you need an hour!
Your swim class has been going very well. You still can’t swim or even doggie paddle, but you can almost pull yourself out of the pool on your own, and you understand that kicking is a good thing. I think that holding your breath still might confuse you, but at least you love the water. You seem to enjoy your time in class.
You were ill again, this time with a cold and an ear infection. We got all the test results back from last month, and everything came back normal, except that you are, of course, allergic to milk. The doctors tell me you might out grow it, and I pray you do. In the mean time we continue to avoid all milk products.
At daycare, Laura took away the cribs, and now you sleep on a nap mat at nap time at her house. I’ve been thinking of getting a toddler bed set up for you soon. Perhaps it will help with your after nap moods if you could get out of the crib on your own.
Yesterday’s word of the day was Turtle. You said it a lot, but your favorite word is still CAR.

I love you baby, you will always be my little man.

Love ❤


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