Letter from mom Year 1.5

 Dear Landon,


Today you are 17 months old.   It’s been a busy month for you!  You’ve had some minor medical issues this past month, and also come along way towards reading and speaking.


I am happy to report that you have suddenly sprouted a love of books, and we read a couple of books most days.  I say “read a couple of books” like it was a normal experience, but it isn’t. One of your new things is the book game. You bring a book, usually a board book, over to me, or Dad, or whoever happens to be around, and then you try to get us to turn pages for you, only you don’t like for me to actually take the time to read the pages to you. You just want to flip through the book. We will go through about 4 to 10 books before I start to go nuts. I can usually read the first page, but by the time we get to page three you are trying to turn the page before I can even read it, and this includes books like “Goodnight Moon” which has about one line a page on it. Still, I am thrilled that you is taking an interest in books, and I do enjoy reading to you when you let me!  It is also cute because you will bring the book over and then sit in my lap for me to read it, which I love.


On 12/18, you said Laura’s name for the first time. I went to go and get you in the morning to head to work; I always pick you up and tell you that we are going to Laura’s. I point out how you like Laura’s and such. This morning particular morning you say back to me “Laura’s.” Well, you said it only with the weird not L sound that kids make, but it was pretty clear to me!


Your medical issues have been all over the place this month, although thankfully nothing serious.  You have had diarrhea on and off since thanksgiving.  This has resulted in a doctor’s visit and a lab visit.  The lab visit was heart wrenching for me, because the blood draw had you screaming in new ways.  Know that I love you and only put you through that to hopefully find out why your bowels are misbehaving.

Christmas occurred last month, and the holiday season was not kind to you.  You came down with a major Ear infection on Christmas Eve.  This meant that while Christmas was full of family and love, you had a pretty bad fever and wanted little to do with it.  You do seem to love the train table that Santa brought you.  You also got many books, cars, and various things with wheels, all of which you love.


One of the odd things about you being sick is that you are a bit of a brat once you start to feel better  When you start getting well, it always takes us through a phase of unpleasantness. You see, when you is sick, we begin to cater to your every whim, anything which might help you feel better is done. You get constant holding, constant attention, drinks and food offered at every turn. Once you begin to recover, once you feel better, you don’t want to return to your old ways. This means that there will be a few days where you obviously feels better, but you have a short temper, as you are confused as to why our behavior has changed just because you feels better. Basically that means that from Christmas Eve until around New Years Eve, you were a bit of a brat. I think you were better by Tuesday, (New Years Day) but I was exhausted, so it wasn’t until Jan 2nd that I realized that the Brat had finally left, and my happy, well adjusted child was back.

Needless to say, you are a joy.  You are adorable, cute, sweet, wonderful, fun, playful and just good. More than good. Great.


You can say the word “Car” and you knows what a “car” is. It is, obviously, anything with wheels.

This means that everything from a skateboard to an airplane taxing on a runway is a car. You can also point out cars in books.

This month you started pointing at cars and saying “car.” This was very cute. We were very excited. “Oh yes! A CAR! Very good!”

Except that game has evolved so that now you point at all cars and says Car. When we drive to work, you look out the window and points at all the cars I am passing at excessive speeds, and you enthusiastically tell me, “car!”
And then we walked through any parking lot , you want to point out every car and tell us it was car.

You started swim class this month.  We are going to Aqua Tots Swim Class at the Desert Devils Gym.  So far so good, you really seem to like the water.


You are now learning body parts.  When asked where your nose is, you will point at your nose.  When asked where your ear is, you will point at your ear.  You will also “Give me Five” which is so cute.  But my favorite was this morning, when as I was leaving you blew kisses at me. 


It’s been an exciting month.  I can’t believe how much you have grown. 


We love you, always.






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