Letter from mom Year 1.4

Dear Landon,
Happy sweet sixteen, so to speak, as today you are 16 months old.
You are quite the talker now days. You love to tell us all about everything, even if it doesn’t make any sense. You will blabber on in baby talk and respond to questions and everything. You seem to really know what you are talking about too!
You talked on the phone for the first time this month. I mean, we’ve tried to get you to talk on the phone before, but you usually won’t say anything, or even if you do make noise, its just that , a noise.
Your Grandma Sue called the other day, and you actually talked and baby babbled at the phone! I was very impressed, and so was Grandma.
Your talking has also turned into both yelling and singing this month. When music comes on that you particularly like, you attempt to “sing” along with it. Unfortunately, I think you must have inherited my singing voice, because so far, most of your singing is just you yelling very loudly, not even in tune with the music. Still, it’s rather cute.
We attended Zoo Lights again this year, and you started out seeming to enjoy it even more than last year. Alas, it was past your bedtime, and your joy faded shortly to crankiness.
You are pretty regular about sleep now days. At this point you pretty much go to bed without complaint at 7pm. Sometimes on Thursday or Friday we let you stay up a little later, but not much, because you begin to get sad and cranky. You still take one nap a day at around 11AM, give or take an hour, for about an hour and half to sometimes as much as three hours.
You attended your second ever thanksgiving, which seemed to make you happy. You didn’t eat very well though, as you seemed to have some sort of stomach bug that made your diaper smelly and awful with alarming regularity. We ended up putting you on the BRAT diet to rectify this problem, and it took almost a week for you to get better. Still, we had thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings twice that day. Once when your Dad cooked it up for you, me, and your Uncle Sam and Great Uncle Jack, and then a second time up at Grandma M’s places. Grandma M had many of your aunts, uncles, and cousins over, and you got to sit on the pony!
We attended a birthday party for a friend of ours, and you got to play at an indoor bounce place. You greatly enjoyed this, and suddenly discovered the joy of slides while we were there. A week or so later, your father took you to another indoor playland, and you loved the slide there as well.
We also celebrated your second Hanukah! You got a large yellow dump truck on the first night, and have enjoyed sitting in the back of the dump truck to watch TV, or to be pushed around in the truck. We are currently gearing up for your first Christmas, and I am hoping that you will enjoy this one, and perhaps understand how to open gifts this time around.
You are currently teething again, it looks like your canines are coming in. While I am happy that you are going to have all your teeth, I am not looking forward to these sharp pointy ones filling in, as you still occasionally bite me. You also sometimes bite the other babies at daycare, mostly Darion or Addison. I’ve been told that Addison hits you and take your toys, so you bite her, but I don’t approve of you resorting to violence to solve your issues. Perhaps once you have a stronger grasp of words you will learn to talk your way around a fight.
You also are wonderful about giving hugs. You will, when asked for a hug, run across a room and jump into my arms. You hug me oh so tight, and it makes me smile. You also have begun to tell everyone Hi! When they arrive, and Bye! When they leave, which is adorable
You are truly a joy to have in our lives. I am very thankful for you!
Love Always,

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