Letter from mom Year 1.3

Dear Landon,
You’ve hit 15 whole months! We went to the doctor’s office today and you weigh 25lbs and are 32 inches tall. Your head is 51 cm! That means you have a big head. You got a bunch of shots, but handled it very well.
This month was your second Halloween, and you were a pirate! We went to your cousins’ birthday as a pirate family, and you seemed to enjoy yourself. We did not go trick or treating this year, as your father was not feeling well. Perhaps next year.
Yesterday you did the cutest thing. I went to take you out of the crib to go to Laura’s, and you brought your hand made blanket up out of the crib with you. I put it back in the crib, only to have you burst into tears. So I let you take the blanket to Laura’s. You were so happy to cuddle with it in the car, and once we got to Laura’s you insisted on taking it inside. Only once you had been properly distracted by toys was I able to take the blanket away and put it in the car for safe keeping.
Your independence has really grown as well! You like to play by yourself and will entertain yourself for a while before wanting attention from someone else. You also opened a door for the first time yesterday. We were at Laura’s, and you managed to open the front door all by yourself! You have yet to repeat this great feat, but we are on the lookout for it!
Your understanding of words far surpasses your mastery of speech. We can ask you to hand us things or give us things, and you do. Also, Laura has taught you to say thank you, so when you are handed something, you do! You are going to be the most well mannered child at this rate! I am proud of you.
Love always,


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