Letter from mom Year 1.2

Dear Landon-
14 months old!
This month you finally started to parrot back. Only a little, and only recently, but sometimes we can get you to say back the words we say to you. Things like “Fish” and “Up.” You like to babble, and we often have interesting conversations where you babble a lot, and then pause for me to reply. You are adorable. You will point at things and wants to know their names now, but you don’t really have repeating the names back to us down. You also know that if we put shoes on it means we are going somewhere. You will run to the door in your shod feet and try to turn the handle. I think you totally understand how the door handle works, you just can’t get a grip on it to turn it yourself, thank goodness. Still, I suspect that you will be opening doors long before we are ready for you to. Your top molars are coming in now too, so soon chewing will actually be an option for you.
We took our second Cabin trip since your birth. This one was much fun. We took you hiking, and you seemed to enjoy the time in the backpack, although your favorite thing was just to walk around outside. You love to be outside, and you are really enjoying walking around now days.
You also threw your very first in public full on Temper tantrum this month. We went to the book store, and you were playing with the Thomas train set that they have there. We shopped, you played. Then it was time to go. I told you it was time to go, and you stomped your little foot and shook your little head. I told you again that it was time to go, and you repeated your displeasure at this idea with yet another food stomp and head shake. I then took the train away from you and picked you up. You then proceeded to scream at the top of your little lungs, while struggling to be put down and shaking your little head even more. You did this until you were in the car, buckled into your seat, and we were driving away while playing Jack’s Big Music Show soundtrack and singing aloud to it.
You LOVE Jack’s big music show. When it come on you get all excited and clap and wave your arms about. Adorable.
Daddy bought you Soy Ice cream, chocolate and peanut butter flavored. You love it. You big sign that shows how much you have grown this month is that you are now Bottle Free and Formula Free. You drink a couple of glasses of Soy Milk a day, and you seem to really like it.
You also suddenly started giving kisses. You will say the word “Kisses” sometimes, and sometimes you will lean in and push your face at someone’s and say MMM-Ba!
Love Always,

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