Letter from mom Year 1.1

Dear Landon,
You’ve hit thirteen months. You had your first dentist appointment this month. Your pediatrician referred us because you had a funky front tooth.
Basically, If I am looking at you, (or at this picture, below) it is your front tooth on my left side. I think (and I admit to being bad at left and right) that makes it your right front tooth. It has another tooth that is coming in with it.

That tooth is an extra tooth, as in, you have one more tooth than you should. It is connected somehow to that front tooth. Not sure if it’s connected at the root or not. They tell me that just because your baby teeth came in that way doesn’t mean your adult teeth will. Also, the dentist said he would like to seal that tooth, or fill in the gap between the two connected teeth, but to do that, at your age, he would have to make it an overnight stay in the hospital.
Instead of that, we are supposed to just brush your teeth a lot and take you to the dentist every six months. I was impressed with the fact that you let the dentist clean your teeth with minimal fuss. I sat down facing the dentist with my knees touching his. I then picked you up and set you in my lap facing me, then laid you down so your head was on the dentist’s knees. He was able to work on your teeth and you held your mouth open for him, no problems!
You also have some molars coming in, finally! They have broken through the gum line, and soon you will be chewing everything like a pro! That being said, you eat just about anything, but don’t seem too fond of the veggies anymore. For some reason you eat better at Laura’s than you do with me at home. I don’t know why this is!
This month your Dad took his first out of town work trip in a long time. Last time you were too young to really express that you missed him. This time you let me know that you were worried about him by asking for many hugs and reassurances that I wasn’t going anywhere, along with a little extra fuss thrown in. Overall, this month you have been very good.
At some point we changed over to one nap a day, and we have recently managed to move that nap to about 11:30 on most days, although its still pretty flexible. You sleep for anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours on an average nap.
You still love to be outside. It’s your favorite thing. We took you to the park a couple of times this month, and you loved it. You would explore and walk and enjoy the outside and play on the swings. When it was time to leave, you would throw the worst temper tantrums, straining against the car seat restraints.
This month you were also in your first car accident. Someone rear ended us on the freeway at speed. We had to take you the emergency room to get checked out, just to be safe. It was very scary, but you were fine.
We had your one year birthday party, and so many people came! It was so much fun. You really seemed to enjoy it, and you loved the presents.
Your current obsession is with remotes and wheels. Anything with wheels you find to be awesome. You will turn your toy cars over so you can get better access to play with the wheels. When we go shopping, I give you a car and a slice of bread. You play with the wheels on the car and eat your bread, and are generally a happy baby, even if you do leave a trail of bread crumbs throughout the store.
You also spent the night at grandma’s and met your latest cousin Jesse this month.
You had a very big month!
We love you with all our hearts.

Love always,


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