Letter from mom Year 1

Dear Landon,
You are a year old today. I am floored by this. How could my little baby have gotten so big? When you were born you were so tiny and needed me for everything. You preferred to be carried over anything in the world, although you have always been happy entertaining yourself. On Wednesday, July 25, you had a breakthrough where you went from crawling to walking, and now its only about the walking. Now you want to want walk on your own everywhere. You still are happy to be picked up, but you never want to stay in my arms for long. You’d rather be down on your own two feet exploring.
When you were born, we lived in a tiny apartment. We moved to the house before you were even a month old, and I’m glad we did. You would have been so bored with only the tiny space to move around in!
You went swimming a lot this month. We took you to both Sunsplash and Big Surf, both of which you seemed to enjoy. You also got your first shoes this past month, a pair of Blue ones, which you now wear without complaint. You also learned how to say your own name, “Nandon!” You even turned into a Pokemon for a day, and all you seemed to say was “Nandon!” While I am thankful that the poke-phase has passed, I don’t really like the new phase, where you chant “NO-no-no-No-NO-no-no” while shaking your head as I change your diaper. I usually tell you “Yes Yes Yes” but you haven’t caught on to that one yet. Your language skill continue to surprise me, as you will babble for a bit, and then suddenly a word will pop out! It’s so very neat.
You’ve been teething a little this month, which is both good and bad. The good would be the fact that soon you will have more teeth which you can chew with. The bad is that you are a biter baby. You bit Darion! You bite me. It’s not fun. You also turn into a drool monster when teething.
Overall, it’s been a huge month for you. You walk! You Talk! You make us so proud! We love you!!!

Love always,


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