I said that Landon was really walking, but I don’t think I knew what that meant. At this point he only crawls when he falls over, then he crawls to something and pulls himself back up. We went shopping yesterday and he went walking everywhere around the store. He loved it. I took this a couple of hours ago today:

Also, while we were at the store I picked up Landon and carried for a few minutes. He was wearing a jumper with snaps in the crotch. He squirmed and I noticed most of his snaps where undone. I found a bench with a surly looking teenage boy (like 13) sitting on it, and sat down next to the teen. I then put Landon across my knees and fixed his snaps. I wondered as I did it how come he wasn’t fighting me or squirming, like he normally does when I have him on his back like that. When I finished snapping him, I looked up and saw why, the Surly Teenage Boy was smiling brightly and playing peek-a-boo! How cute is that!!!

Landa Panda
Landa Panda


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