Letter from mom month 11

Dear Landa-Panda
I have no idea why that nick name stuck when so many others were used once and then were never heard from again.
I’m writing to you about 2 days late this time, as your month- a-versary was on a very busy Saturday. Next month you will be an entire year old!
You’ve added a few new words to your ever growing repertoire. You sometimes say “Dirty” when we go to change your diaper. You will say “Duck!” in reference to your toy duck in the bath tub. I thought I got you to say KittyCat the other day, but you have yet to repeat this.
Your walking is still improving. You can walk between objects now, but you still don’t chose walking as your mode of movement for any significant distance. You still revert to crawling if you want to go more than about 3-4 feet. We did buy you your first pair of shoes, some blue sandal Roobez. You haven’t worn them much, but I expect that to change as you get better at walking.
You’ve got drinking from most styles of sippy cups figured out, which is good news. We still bottle you a couple of times a day and I don’t see that ending in the next month or two. I’m not in a huge rush to get you off the bottle, but that’s partly because I keep hoping you will give it up on your own, like you did the pacifier.
You are such a squirm worm at night. When we settle in to read you a story as you drink your bottle, you tend to twist and turn and not want to look at the book. I hope this is just a phase, as you will sit still for us most other times. You do go down nice and easy now, without too much fuss. It’s so nice to tuck you in bed, cover you with the blanket, and walk away without you screaming. I’m glad you now understand bed time. You’ve been doing very well with sleeping through the night. I think I may have gotten up with you twice in the night for the whole month last month. You still wake up way to early in the morning though, around five or six am. You are such a morning person, and you totally get that from your father. I’m a night owl. Still it’s nice to have the quiet hours in the morning to play with you on weekends.
We took you to the waterpark this month, and you seemed to enjoy yourself. I’ve got to get you into swimming lessons though, as you really seem to have trouble with the idea of holding your breath!
As far as food goes, at this point we feed you just about everything, as long as it is milk free. You absolutely love Melon above anything else. You’ve started skimping a little on the veggies though, which worries me. You must eat your veggies!
You have really become a wonderful little child. I don’t think you really count too much as a baby anymore. You are well behaved and good natured, and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

Love always,


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