Letter from mom month 10

Dear Landon,
It’s been ten months since you were evicted from my womb by those doctors and nurses at Chandler Regional. The changes between the tiny baby you were, and the almost toddler you are now are amazing. I love watching you grow and change and learn.
Your poor knees are red all the time from your crawling! You are also able to stand unassisted until you get bored with the standing. You’ve taken a few steps, not too far, before falling into my waiting arms, or Dad’s waiting arms. Your balance improves every day. You enjoy exploring and opening things like cabinets.
You are starting to learn words! I feel guilty because I don’t speak baby very well, but I have heard you say Doggie before. Doggie seems to be the first word for you beyond the standard mama and dada. You love animals, dogs especially. I’m trying to teach you to be soft, but you still like to grab a hold of the Dru-Kitty and tug on her. Dru-Kitty indulges you, only making unhappy noises at you if you continue. Eventually she will even get up and leave, and I think she is a little concerned by the fact that you can now follow her. She still gets away, but I think she is beginning to realize that you are getting faster! I thought for sure you’d say Kitty before Doggie, but alas, I was wrong.
Laura reports you also say Baba in reference to your bottle. You either don’t do that for me, or I am just not hearing it, as I haven’t seen you do it. I mean, I’ve heard you babble and pronounce baba as part of the babble, but I haven’t seen you associate the sound to your bottle yet.
You have been getting better about sleeping at night, thank goodness. You will now sleep in sometimes beyond 5 am, for which I am eternally grateful. I look forward to the day when you are able to sleep until eight am. Your napping has been off this last week, and I get the feeling you will be down to one nap a day by the time you hit your first birthday, but I could be wrong.
You went swimming for the first time this month. You were in the Spa with mom and dad, twice. You really enjoyed it, but did not understand the concept of holding your breath. This would come back to bite us all later, when you went swimming in the play pool with Emily (your little friend who is 3 months older than you). Emily’s mom and another friend of ours, as well as me, were watching you and Emily play in the pool. I turned my head away from you for less than a second, and you slipped soundlessly beneath the water. I had you up and sputtering again almost as soon as you went under, but the whole fact that I did not actually see you go under froze me to the bone. I have never been more afraid in my life, little man. You sputtered for a moment, and then were happy to continue playing in the pool, but only as long as mom kept a hand on you. When I pulled away, you would start to cry. On the bright side, this didn’t affect your perchance for baths at night. Your father and I are getting to the point where we are unsure what else to try to keep you calm when we attempt to remove you from the bath water at night. You really seem to hate leaving the bath, and you hate having to get dressed even more.
You are doing wonderful on the food front, I’ve stopped giving you baby food all together, although you still get some at Laura’s. You love rice, noodles, bread, carrots, green beans, crackers, broccoli, watermelon, and so many more things than I can list here. You are still having trouble with the whole sippy cup thing, but I figure you will get the hang of it eventually. Your Dad and I added in reading you a book as part of your bed time routine now, so every night before bed you get a story while you drink your bottle. I used to read to you at various points, but now you get a book a day, and it makes me happy to be able to regularly share my love books with you. I can only hope you will grow to have the same love and appreciation for books as I do, and perhaps even devour books with me.
When I go to leave you at Laura’s in the morning, you give me a big hug and wave goodbye like a big boy now. It’s so amazing to watch. I am excited for you to start walking so we can buy you some shoes!
Happy 10 month birthday, my little man. Your dad and I love you with all our hearts.
Love always,


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