Letter from mom month 9

Dear Landon,
We have achieved 9 months, and you continue to amaze me. A few days after you hit the eight month mark, you suddenly figured out how to get your crawl out of reverse, and since then you have learned how to get it from 1st gear all the way up to 4th gear, cruising around at speeds. It’s been amazing to watch you go! Whenever you want something you just crawl right over to it, no issues at all. You also pull yourself up to standing all the freaking time, using whatever happens to be available. You desperately want to figure out how to climb onto the couch, but so far have been unable to achieve this feat. In long run, this is a good thing, as, despite many attempts to explain it to you, you still have no concept of gravity. You have fallen more times that I want to think about, and still, you continue to attempt to crawl full speed off the bed, or the couch, completely unaware that if someone hadn’t grabbed you, your head and the concrete would have connected in a way which would have had you screaming in pain.
You babble all the time now, telling everyone about your day in a weird baby speak that makes no sense to adults. You favorite word is by far DaDa, as you repeat it often. You’ve started to show some more separation anxiety, which leaves me with mixed emotion. It’s wonderful that you know who mama is and that you want me, but I do like it when you visit others and make them smile as well.
I love playing the guessing game as to what it is you will want to be when you grow up. My first theory was a fireman. You like fire trucks, and red things, and we have such cute pictures of you as a fireman. Your most recent obsession though, has been with other peoples mouths. You want to put your fingers in their mouths, tap their teeth, grab their tongues, and so forth. Your constant attempts to look into my mouth and other’s mouths have led to the current theory that you will want to be a dentist when you grow up. Of course, you won’t let us brush your teeth at night recently, so perhaps I am wrong.
You truly love your bath. It’s your favorite time of day. You love it so much that you want to stay in the bath after the water starts to get cold, and scream and fight when we pull you out of the tub. It makes drying you off and getting you dressed not fun for mom and dad. Still, it is worth it because of how much fun you do have in the tub. You play with your toys and splash about, a huge smile on your face.
You still have a perchance for Biting. Specifically for biting me, although you are getting better. You have bitten a select few others, which embarrasses me more than when you bite me. The good news is that you are starting to learn the word No. When you are starting to bite, if I tell you no, you stop. Also, when you are crawling along and start to get into trouble, if I tell you No, you usually stop. This especially holds true for when you attempt to play with the electrical outlets or the night light. You figured out that if you put your hand on the sensor on the front of the nightlight, it turns on. This amazes you, but at least you stop when asked. Of course, in the last few days you have started to make the N sound, which is also new to you.
You now feed yourself. You can hold your own bottle, a feat which you have been able to do for months, but now you insist and will not let others hold it for you. You want to be the one to feed yourself. This makes giving you a bottle a breeze. You are also doing very well on self feeding things you can pick up, such as cheerios and fruit bits. Baby food mush isn’t your favorite, but you eat it well enough, still showing a distinct preference for anything orange.
This month you have become a little more sure of yourself, or perhaps a little more aware of yourself. You seem to understand cause and effect much better, you seem to be learning things when you look at them. You wave goodbye sometimes, but not reliably. You give me the best hugs.
You actually gave me the best Mother’s day present ever this year. It was exactly what I wanted. You and Laura made me a framed picture with your handprints on them, and a poem. Laura said that you had a lot of fun with your hands covered in paint. Thank you so much for the present. Know this, my little man, you are the best gift of all.

Love always,


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