Letter from mom month 7

Dear Landon,

Seven months old today. You had a pretty good month. You have 2 teeth, and I think a third one is on its way, we’ll have to see. You were healthier this month, for which your father and I are very thankful. You did have a double ear infection though, which was no fun for anyone!

This month you met your maternal grandma for the first time. She thought you were very cute! She held you, played with you, and even fed you! Because Grandma Sue was visiting we went out to a lot of restaurants. You do okay, but tend to get bored after a point. You don’t like staying in your car seat while we eat, but most highchairs are too big for you. In order to entertain you, I got you some teething biscuits. Unfortunately, they had something in them that seemed to cause you to get rashy. The current theory is that you are allergic to milk, and we should know for sure soon, as yesterday you had your blood drawn so that the doctor can do allergy testing. You did very well, only screaming as they drew blood.

You are still in the attempting to crawl phases. You can get moving backward in an army crawl, but have trouble with forward. You like to walk when we help you by holding your arms, and enjoy standing. You sit on your own without issue, but can’t quite bring yourself from lying down to sitting without help.

I hunted down some dairy free teethers, and you love them. The biscuits are maple flavored, and now you always seem to smell faintly of maple to me, as if you spritzed yourself with maple cologne. I think that I will smell maple twenty years from now and still think back to you as a baby. You suddenly decided you were okay with fruits, so you are now eating apples and bananas. Your favorites are still anything orange, such as squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. I find it odd how I assign likes and dislikes to you. For example, I think you dislike the carseat, because when we put you in it, you tend to complain. I think you enjoy the backyardagains, because you watch the screen, or stop crying when they start singing. I also think you really like watching cars, as every time one drives by you stare at it intently.

Your sleeping habits are varied, some nights you sleep through the night with no issues, waking happy and kicking at 5AM. Some nights you wake up once and have a snack, and then sleep till about 6AM instead.

You are such a happy baby most of the time, and people love to tell me about it. You do very well on days you spend at Laura’s which is about 3 days a week. Mom and Dad both work from home one day a week (at least) to care for you, and Grandma Mayer likes to take you one day a week.

You had a well baby visit on 2/28/07 where you got 4 shots. Grandma Sue held you while you got them, and you didn’t start crying until the third one! You were reported to be 28 inches tall and 20.8 lbs.

Love always,



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