uncle sam and landon uncle sam and landon
happy baby happy baby
happy baby with teeth happy baby with teeth
Emily and Landon have a date Emily and Landon have a date
and Landon isn’t sure what to think. 3/2/07
Landon telsl Emily Landon telsl Emily
This is my Dru Kitty! 3/2/07
Mom! Mom!
Put the camera down, you’re embarrassing me in front of my girl! 3/2/07
Look Em, Look Em,
a red block! 3/2/07
I like your shirt I like your shirt
can I claw him? can I claw him?
lets share lets share
Turkey Leg! Turkey Leg!
At the Ren Fair 3/3/07
stroller time stroller time
3/3/07 3/3/07
With Mom and JT, Landon at the Ren fair 3/3/07
You can fly You can fly
at the ren fair with JT 3/3/07
Daddy's got him Daddy’s got him
time to go home time to go home


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