diet day 9

I was going to say that we weren’t going to talk about yesterday, because I had failed my will power roll.  But thats not what this is about.  This diet posting is supposed to be about honesty.  It’s supposed to help me be honest with myself about what I ate.  So try not to judge to harshly!

Weight this morning: 183 (again).  I want a new scale.  See, I stepped onto it once and got 183.  Then I stepped on it again a few minutes later and got 182.2! In my shock, I attempted again and got 184.8.  Nothing had changed between the weights.  Stupid scale.

Report card from yesterday:
1/2 a banana: 40 
100 cal snack pack of popcorn: 100
LC Pizza: 350
Reeses Peanutbutter cups w/carmel, 2 cups or 1 package: 190
Dove dark chocolate pieces (2): 75
100 cal snack pack of shortbread cookies (also X2): 200
Organic New York Strip Steak:  450
Corn: 200
3 Cookies: 300

Grand Total: 1905
Grade: F

So basically, if I had kept the willpower and avoided the chocolate, had 2 cookies instead of 3, and only 1 snack pack of shortbreads, I would have been just fine.  Crazy, insane, and stabby, but fine on my calories.

The good news? Workout: 1.5 miles with Tiff from work.

I’m back on the wagon today.  I swear.


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