diet day 1

Weight yesterday was 187 lbs.
My goal is 160. My “stretch goal” is 145 lbs.

Yesterday was Monday, Jan 8th, and it did not go well. I forgot my Lean Cuisine at home. I lost willpower and had a 200 calorie dark chocolate bar.

Breakfast: 2 rice cakes 70 calories
Lunch: Chicken Caesar Salad 450 calories?
Snack: one sucker 25 calories
Chocolate bar 200 calories
Dinner – salty chicken in dumplings, ate only half, so around 400 calories?
Dessert: Chocolate milk shake (using low fat/reduced calorie ice cream and fat free milk) 250
Total for day one: about 1,400.

Not as bad as could be.
Workout? Ha. 10 minute walk.

One of the difficulties this time around is lack of time for a workout. Walking with the baby is my best bet, so we need to attempt to do more of that, and maybe hit the gym for an hour every weekend.


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