Finally feeling better. Thank god. I still have a hacking cough, but the rest is better.
I missed my letter to Landon yesterday, when he turned 4 months old. I plan to do it later today, and post date it to yesterday.
We went to the doctor for Landon’s 4 month shots today. He is over 16 lbs and was 26 inches tall! Poor boy did awesome, but he already has a fever from the shot. Doc told me to give him Tylenol, and doubled the dosage from last time. He has had some already, and under the influence of it is acting fine.
She gave us the go ahead to start solids if we feel ready. I asked her, she didn’t bring it up. She said to try a rice cereal, and if he won’t eat it, then wait a week and try again. After he’s been on that for a few weeks, we can try veggies, introducing no more than 2 in a week, and waiting a few days after each one to make sure there is no reaction. No fruits until he is at least 5 months, probably closer to six. She also said that once we’ve replaced a bottle or two with food, to be sure to give him some water in a bottle, as this is AZ, and we don’t want him to get thirsty.
Before I left home, I asked Bobby if there was anything he wanted me to ask. He said, “See if we should start him out as a paladin, or take a few levels of fighter first.” Since our Doc’s a gamer, so I asked. She said those fighter feats will come in handy, so be sure to start with a few levels of fighter first.
I asked about the teething, as my mom said I didn’t get teeth until I was 10 months old. She said the first tooth is considered normal if it comes between 4 and 15 months, so we’ve got plenty of time.
Tonight will be Landon’s first night of Hanukkah. (for those of you following along, I’m a pagan, but my father was Jewish. Growing up, my family celebrated Christmas (for mom) and Hanukkah for my dad. Oddly that was really the only Jewish holiday we celebrated, except that once in a while we went out for Purim. Bobby doesn’t really have a religion that I can explain to anyone. We (meaning Bobby, Lan, and I) celebrate Christmas as the Spirit of Christmas, the ideas of gift giving and happiness and warmth and sharing. We celebrate Hanukkah to honor my father’s family) So tonight Landon will get his booster seat, a set of spoons, a few bowls, and a box of Rice cereal for his first meal!


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