Letter from mom month 4

Happy four months olds Landon! (Okay, I admit, I wrote this a day late, because I was sick, so technically its happy 4 months and one day)

This last month with you has been a blast. Overall, you’ve been a very good baby. You are getting the hang of sleeping through the night, doing it on your own about 5 nights a week. You go to bed at 7:30ish, and wake up at six am. I love the nights you sleep all night! Those 2 nights a week when you wake up, you usually wake up between 3 and 4 am for a quick 4 oz snack, and then it’s back to sleep for you!

You learned how to roll this month. You can roll from your back to your tummy whenever you want. You seem to have a little trouble getting back though, and you often get frustrated. You reach for items, and like to put items into your mouth now. You can move pretty far via rolling about, when you want to, so I don’t like to leave you alone on your play matt anymore. You still get plenty of floor time, but you also spend time in your pack and play and in your bouncer.

I worry a little about what nicknames you are going to get. We started calling you Landa-Panda, and it gets shortened to “Landa” sometimes, which sounds odd. You also still get called “little man” a ton.

You had your second cold this past month. Thankfully, it did not require a hospital trip. You did have to go to the doctor though. You had a crusty eye, an infection, which you got drops for, and you also had a fever and a cough. Your doctor gave you a tougher Thrush medication, and you are finally, officially, a thrush free baby! We got you a humidifier for your room, while you had the cold. It really did seem to help you out!

You love your baths, but you seem to have developed some dry skin. Your doctor recommended we try a new lotion. I am also excited because we will be starting solid foods soon! I’ll let you know how that works out next month.

We had a small holiday party where you got to hang out with a few babies.

I’m holding you in my lap as I type this today, and you keep grabbing my arms. You don’t seem to want to let me type!

I’m going back to work next week, and I’m nervous about leaving you. I know you will have a good time at Laura’s though. I also know I will miss you very much.

You are officially 26 inches long and 16.3 lbs!

And you smile. You have the most amazing smile. And the most intelligent, amazing, blue eyes.

I love you so much, my little man.

Love always,



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