Landon has managed to roll from his belly to his back a couple of times, which is good.
We had to buy him a new pack and play. The one we got from Laura is busted, and we can’t pack it. Basically the issue is that every time we put Landon in his crib, he manages to roll around and get a body part stuck outside the crib. Then he screams bloody murder until rescued, which is not conducive to a good nights sleep. He has slept in the pack and play the last 2 nights, and everything has been good.

In fact, last night he slept ALL NIGHT! I got up around 3 am, realized I hadn’t heard anything, so I went downstairs and checked on him, he was fine, asleep. At 5:30AM he started to fuss, so I rushed downstairs. By the time I got to his room, he was asleep again. He slept from around 8pm last night to 7am this morning!!! Horary for his first all night sleep! I hope he keeps it up and it wasn’t just a fluke.

No Wii yet. Everyplace I checked was sold out, but I also didn’t get to most places until they had been open for a few hours. I was doing Xmas shopping already, as I want to have it all done BEFORE I go back to work. I only have 4 more weeks left of my leave. I am going to start on Christmas cards soon too.

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