Letter from mom month 3

Dear Landon,
You are three months old today. It seems like so much longer. You are so amazing. In this last month, you have started making cute little sounds that I just love. You now reach for your toys! Your favorites are the stuffed lion and the baby Einstein blocks. We got you an activity bouncer, and I have been duly impressed with the way you reach for the toys, and interact with the world around you!
You will watch Baby Einstein videos for short bursts as well. You seem to love spending time in the water, and you even occasionally splash! Daddy is usually the one to give you your bath at night. You and Daddy seem to have so much fun. Daddy invented your favorite game, “little baby, big baby.” He takes your hands and spreads your arms wide, proclaiming “BIG BABY!” he then brings your hands in close to your body, and proclaims “little baby,” and then repeats. He has even got you to play unassisted once or twice!
You still can’t quite roll onto your tummy by yourself, but you get up onto your side all the time now. You just can’t figure out how to get over your arm!
We have been debating if you are teething or not. We can see teeth corners in your gums, but no progress has been made on the tooth eruption. You did suddenly start increasing the amount of Drool. Your father tells me that “Drool means love” and I hope he is right, because you drool all over me! You do constantly put your hand in your own mouth and suck or chew on it, but that might just be because you figured out how. We’ll see on the tooth soon enough.

Last night you did something amazing! You slept alone in your crib last night! I stayed upstairs and used your baby monitor to keep track of you. You did just fine. You had your one wake up at 2:30ish, and then woke up for the day at 6 am, which seems to be your favorite time to wake up. Currently you are taking a nap, which is turning into a rather long one! You went back to sleep at 8:30am, and are still asleep at 11, now.
You had another round of thrush, which seemed odd, since you haven’t been breast feeding in a long while. Daddy calls you his “thrush ridden plague baby,” and he says it with love.
You seem to enjoy riding in your sling when we go shopping, but your favorite thing is to be outside. We went to the park for a birthday party, and you lay on a blanket and looked up at the trees. You were totally entranced by the sky.
Our recent dilemma with you is that we haven’t been able to get you on a schedule, and you fight taking a nap. I fear that we are going to resort to letting you cry it out, at least when it comes to nap. You get very cranky when you get tired, and very fussy, where holding you and walking is the only thing that seems to soothe you.
You survived a Halloween party where we made you dress up like a penguin, and hang out with girls. Twin boys came over to see you, and you have hung out with little Emily more times than I can count.
You make me happy little one, and I am so very blessed to have you in my life.
Love always,