So the elections are over. Looks like 8 of the props went the way I wanted, which means that 11 went the other way. Annoyed that Jon Kyl won.
Most importantly, 107 was shot down. I am annoyed that it is STILL being called “ban same sex marriage” since that is not what it did. But hey, at least it didn’t get passed!
What is up with AZ anyway? Every single thing that was anti-immigrant passed. Now we aren’t giving illegal immigrants a chance to post bail. WTF? You have to figure that if we are lucky, they would run after they posted bail, that way we don’t have to put them in our prisons and pay for them. Also, we passed English as the official language (which was fine with me) BUT we passed a law making it more difficult for illegal’s to LEARN English! Also, we set it up so illegal’s cannot be awarded punitive damages in a court case, which is silly. Punitive damages are meant as a punishment to the person convicted, not a reward to the victim.
Okay, overall, not too bad. Cigarettes are now going to be more expensive, and illegal to smoke in public places, which I like. I personally think all drugs should be legal, should be highly taxed, and not allowed in public places.
I wanted to million dollar lottery, because it sounded like fun. I am annoyed that changing of election procedures to be more like Portland was shut down. I loved the way we voted in Portland.
The minimum wage getting raised was bad news… People don’t seem to understand the economic ramifications of that.
I feel weird about 204. I voted against it, because Bobby basically looked into it and found that if the animals had the larger cages, they would be much more likely to hurt themselves and that it would be bad for the animal’s health. Still, it passed, so now we will have to see what happens.

Anyway, I hear my child stirring in his room, so a more thorough update will have to wait.


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