daddy and landon nap daddy and landon nap

Oct 06

penguin and pumpkin penguin and pumpkin


1st Halloween 1st Halloween

Landon’s first halloween. Daddy carved him his first pumpkin. 10/31/06


My baby is being eaten by a penguin!! 10/31/06

outgrowing his bed outgrowing his bed

He is going to have to move downstairs to his crib soon, as he is getting much too large for his bassinet. 11/3/06

Landon Landon

being his cute self. Oct 06

Click here for pictures of Nigeria, the new kitten

First, let me say OUCH!
I suddenly decided to not pump anymore. I don’t know why. Partly because my freezer is FULL of milk, and I had no space for food anymore. This means that my my poor boobies hurt like hell. Hard as rocks, painful, DO NOT TOUCH ME kind of situation. For two days now! They are starting to get a little better, but it sucks. I’ve tried hot compress, cold compress, hot bath, cold shower, cabbage in the bra, and pain killers. All of which help, but nothing which stops the pain completely. I will be happy when I’m all dry and have my boobies back.

I started watching a new show on Showtime called Dexter. It is dark and I don’t know why I keep watching. The show is narrated by Dexter, who is a serial killer. He worked as a blood splatter technician for the police, and he kills only other killers. His (adopted) father (dead, from a heart attack) noticed that Dex had all the hallmarks and warning signs of a serial killer, so he trained Dex how to cover his tracks, and to only kill people who really deserve it. The show is oddly compelling, but very bloody and gross.

Landon seems to have decided to hate the car. The last four times I’ve taken him in the car, he has done nothing but cried. He is fine in the car seat, just not in the car. It sucks and I have no idea why.

What entry would be complete without pictures? Landon and Nigeria, the new kitten