halloween party

Landon Landon
This is an outfit my mom (Lan’s Grandma) sent him. Size? 6 months! Oct 06
Baby Party Baby Party
Landon is in the middle (orange shirt), and surrounded by women! Cassia is on the end, then Emily (who is grabbing him), Landon, Penny, and Roary! 10/28/06
More cuteness More cuteness
Cassia, Emily, Landon, Penny, Roary 10/28/06
one more! one more!
Roary, Cassia, Emily, Landon, Penny, 10/28/06
Costumes Costumes
Landon the penguin, Emily the Tigger, Roary the Bear, and in the corner is Penny the Blue Crab! 10/28/06
Tigger and a Penguin Tigger and a Penguin
Emm and Lan 10/28/06
Check out my tail! Check out my tail!
Landon and Daddy show off the cute tail! 10/28/06
Had a little too much? Had a little too much?
Landon passes out at the party. 10/28/06
party party
Penny the blue crab is on the matt. I’ve got Landon, some of the other party goers wander. 10/28/06
Octopus! Octopus!
Cassia in her outfit, with her mom! 10/28/06


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