Letter from Mom month 2

So now you are two months old…
I am amazed at you. Your little personality is starting to show itself, you now smile at us, instead of just smiling for no real reason. The smiles reach your eyes and touch our lives.
It was a rough month. At 5.5 weeks old, you had a fever, which meant a horrid four day stay in the hospital, where they basically told us you had a virus and nothing could be done for you. Your Dad and I stayed with you the whole time, so you were never alone with strangers in that odd and depressing room.
You came home from the hospital, and became the cutest baby ever. You were cute before, but that cuteness has grown and multiplied in ways I never thought possible!
You seem to be allergic to formula, so we now have some soy formula, which you like fine, although it seems to make you a little constipated.
You seem to have discovered your hands, and can now reliably get your fist to your mouth. You have also managed to slug your dad in the eye once!
Your favorite toys are ones that make the krinkly sounds.
When you were born, they gave me paperwork to fill out, for your birth certificate. Your Dad attempted to get me to name you Landon David “King of Penguins” Mayer. I did not name you “King of Penguins” I wonder if later in life you will thank me for this. In honor of your almost name, you are going to be a penguin for Halloween.
Also, your Grandma Mayer bought you a crib, and your dad put it together. You have yet to sleep in your crib though; you continue to sleep upstairs with us, in your bassinet.
Every night your dad and I give you a bath, feed you, and tuck you into bed! We love you.
I want you to know that, we love you no matter what, for now and forever.


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