Okay, so what I didn’t mention was that when we gave Lan the formula, he also got a little splotchy.

Well, doc had us give him little bits of formula to help him “adjust” every day.  So he was getting about 1 oz of formula on 3 feeding.

Wednesday night I noticed he was a little congested.  Thursday morning I upped him to a feeding with 2 oz of formula, and he got more than just splotchy, he broke out in a major rash.  He also puked again.  So between the puking, the rash, and the congestion, I took him to the doctors.   Where we found out he had a temperature.  They used the head thermometer, and got 101, a second time yielded a temp of 100.6, and a third was 99.8.

When a child under 6 weeks gets a fever, its an automatic admit to the hospital.

My doctor refered us to the ER at Banner Desert.  She told me that it would probably be a two day stay, and that most likely everything was fine.

So of course I’m freaking out.

I’ve never been to the ER before.  My doctor had called ahead, so we only waited about a half hour or so before being seen, which wasn’t too bad.  The triage nurse took his temp (rectally) at 103!!!!  I asked why the different readings, she said because the head thermometer my doctor uses is crap.  Next time he has a fever, I’m asking the doctor to take it rectally!  The triage nurse gave him so Tylenol, to lower his fever.

Then we finally got called back, and they had to draw lots of fluids to test from my little man.  Bobby stayed with him, but made me leave the room.  They got the urine sample no problem, but had to stick my poor son SIX times to get the IV in and get the blood sample.  They had to also take spinal fluid, and that one took 3 tries. They then finally checked us in, and gave us a tiny room pediatrics ward.  It had a nice crib for Landon, and a tiny little cot for us, and one uncomfortable chair, and a very old TV, along with a private bathroom.

That room was my life for the next four days.  (Thursday night through Monday afternoon).  I went home on Friday night and left Bobby with the baby, but I made Bobby go home on Sat and Sun night, as he had to work on Monday.

Basically they gave Lan antibiotics while we waited for test results, and took his vitals a lot.  His fever didn’t break until Sunday night.  They gave him Tylenol for his fever whenever it went over 101.6.  This was a pain because Landon would start running about 100.6 of a fever and be in pain, and I would have to coax a nurse to give him the Tylenol early for the pain.

On Saturday morning, his rash went from splotchty everywhere to raised red welts on his arms and legs, which looked painful.  They gave us a cream for that.

Most of the time we were there, Landon was all hooked up to an IV and monitors and stuff, which made holding him and feeding him hard.

On Saturday night, the IV in his hand started hurting him, so they took it out.  It was so nice to have it out.  The nurse and I gave him a bath around 11 pm.  At midnight he needed more antibiotics, so they took him to go and restart an IV.  They couldn’t get one in his hands or arms, so they put it in his head! It was very freaky, and I felt so bad for him.

Anyway, all his test results came back clean.  They did say he had a bad allergic reaction to the formula.  They also decided that the fever and congestion were caused by a virus.

The general consensus is that the continued exposure to the formula caused his immune system to weaken, which made him more susceptible to the viral infection.  So, I was inadvertently poising my son, so basically I feel guilt ridden for the whole situation.  I’m pumping like a mad woman again, and debating just continuing to do that until he is 6 months old.

To sum up:

Allergic Reaction + viral infection + fever (at less than 6 weeks old) = not fun hospital stay.

Landon is fine now, just congested.  The antibiotics did nothing but turn his poop too a smelly green, as it wasn’t a bacterial infection.

Basically all that happened at the hospital was lots of monitoring him, and then giving him the cream.  Oh yeah, and stressing out Mommy and Daddy, as well as making us both very sleep deprived.

The fever and everything could have been VERY SERIOUS, so this really was an exercise in “Better Safe than sorry”

I’m just glad he’s okay.


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