I think that I might never be able to sleep again.  I’m starting to wonder what a full nights sleep even feels like.  I haven’t slept for more than 4 hours straight through since August 11th. 

I’m starting to phase out pumping, and so thought that Saturday night we’d give Lan some formula.  He drank 3 oz around 7pm.  At 11pm he woke up screaming his head off.  I thought he was just hungry, even though that’s a little early for him to be hungry.  Well, he wasn’t hungry.  He proceeded to drink about 2 oz of breast milk, then throw up the 2 oz all over Mommy.

He felt icky and just wanted to be held…. All night long.  If I set him down, he screamed.  He puked a few more times, after feedings.  He had no fever.  As long as I held him, he was quiet.

So I called the doctor, and they said it’s just him adjusting to formula and to tough it out.

Our new plan is to give him an oz of formula followed by a bottle of breast milk for the next day or two, and gradually up the formula amount while cutting back the breast milk amount. Eventually, he’ll be on formula, when we run out of breast milk.  I am still pumping, I just keep cutting back the number of times per day I pump.

In other news, I have jury duty tomorrow, yuck.  My MIL is going to watch Landon for me, so at least I’ll get a few hours away from baby.

Ever since Saturday night, Landon has changed his sleeping habits, and the new ones suck.  I don’t know how to get him back on the old one.  He was eating around 7, falling asleep around 8:30, and sleeping until midnight-2am.  He would wake up then, get fed, go back to bed, and wake up between 4-5 for a second feeding, go back to bed, and then wake up and be UP between 7-8AM.

Now he wakes up at 11pm, 2am, 5am, and then 7am.  It was so bad that I slept downstairs with Landon last night to let Bobby catch up on some ZZZs.

The house is coming along.  I have my 6 week checkup next week!

And Landon is waking up….


oh, and happy talk like a pirate day



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