Landon’s umbilical cord fell off today! It happened (thankfully) at the doctor’s office, so the doctor looked at it and told me everything was healthy.
She thinks we might have Thrush. Basically Landon is refusing to breast feed. I’ve been pumping, but I’m worried about dwindling supply. I’ve got an appointment with a lactation consultant tomorrow at 3 in Gilbert. It’ll be Landon and my first outing without daddy. I’m a little nervous about it.
Basically we went from a good latch and no issues to him refusing to latch. We fought at 3 feeding for over an hour to get a latch, him screaming the entire time. He would finally latch and suck for about 10 minutes, then push and struggle away from the breast again, and wouldn’t take more. I couldn’t take the screaming. I’d been pumping some anyway, so we just poured it into a bottle for him. He drinks it like a champ from the bottle.
I seem to have baby blues as well, I want to cry, and the breast feeding thing makes it worse.
The good news is that Lan is gaining weight just fine, he’s eating from the bottle just fine, the doctor says that he seems healthy and wonderful.
The most important thing is that he is healthy. If that means we end up on formula, so be it, it’s not the end of the world. At least that’s what I keep trying to tell myself.


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