Okay, So I’ve got a few minutes where I am sitting up and feeling okay, and I thought I’d go ahead and chronical today.
Basically, last night (Sat) we spent over at Laura’s and stayed up very late. I felt awful. My low back was killing me. I wasn’t able to really sleep, and tossed and turned all night. Bobby was wonderful and rubbed me, so I managed to get a few hours, but it wasn’t a good sleep.
I woke up at about 5 am in pain. My back was worse, and my stomache was acting up, I felt nausaues and dizzy and icky.
I had the NST set up for 8 am this morning. Around 7, I vomited. I haven’t done that at all durning this pregnancy (I had no morning sickness). So, basically at that point I accepted that it wasn’t a good idea to drive myself to the hospital. I woke Bobby up and asked him to take me. I felt awful about waking him, because he needs his sleep, and he had a big day planned working out the house.
Bobby was (as always) wonderful about it. He decided to bring all the ‘hospital gear’ just in case.
Basically we got checked in, and due to my headache, nausea, and general pain, the ran some tests. Something about my kidneys not working right, along with my blood pressure being high, Landon having low aminotic fluid, and my being “overdue” they decided to admit me. This took them a while. We had to wait while they drew blood, wait for an ultrasound tech, wait for lab results, and so on and so forth.
So from 8 to noon we were in triage. The nurse called the on call doctor for my office, and its one of the doctors I’ve not met. I still haven’t met him, actually. They call him and tell him what is going on, and then they come tell me what he said.
So he says he wants to give me a gel that they insert into my cervix, and that they will do a dose now, make me lie down for an hour, then have me get up and walk for a half hour, then monitor me for 20 minutes, then administer another does of the gel, and repeat.
The idea was for three doses of gel.
Well, after the fi…awwww f*ck !!!!!!!!!!! contracctioooooon. Got to go pee will post later. Ok better.
Well, the nurse comes in after the first dose, and is all, “WE’RE gonna give you Cyotek!” I’m like, uh, no. That isn’t approved for use in pregnant women, it’s dangerous, I don’t want to risk it. At the same time, I’m so out of it that I was half considering just going with the flow. Ops got to go back on the monitor will post again later.


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