So, for the record, going overdue sucks.
Today, I went in for what I thought would be my last appointment before being induced, assuming Lan doesn’t come on his own in the next week.
So first they do a Non-Stress Test. This was actually kinda fun. They have a very nice comfy recliner, and you sit in it and are hooked up to a Doppler. I got to lay there and read for 20 minutes while listening to Lan’s heartbeat. It was weird how all over the place it was. I saw it run from 122 to 168 while I was there. Also, he would roll around, and the sound would get louder or quieter depending on the distance between his heart and the Doppler thing. Everything looked good on the NS-test. It was funny because Lan decided to kick my book that I was resting on my tummy to read.
After that I had another cervical exam. I’m now 2.5 or 3cm dilated, and 80% effaced, and was told again that “his head is right there.” She went ahead and swept my membranes again, although she said its not as effective to do a second time, it still can help.
All this was just fine.
Then I get told that I need to do another NST in 2-3 days. That’s this weekend. So now I have an appointment Sunday morning at 8am the hospital to have an NST done. Blech.
And they will want to see me one more time before setting up an induction, so I also have an appointment with the doctor I like on Tues Morning at 9:30. Then I would set up an induction for Thurs or Fri.
So at what I thought was my last appointment, I actually got to set up two more appointments. I think its silly and we should just combine the two appointments into an office visit on Monday, but whatever.
According to my calculations, today is my ACTUAL due date based on conception, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.
The Nurse practioner who examined me said that I looked really good, and should go into labor anytime. Of course she also reminded me that first time babies are stubborn and take a while, but that most people have their babies before 41 weeks on their own. She was also really surprised that I didn’t want to just set up an induction for tomorrow, she told me most women want to do that, but she thought it was smart that I wanted to wait, although I have a “great cervix to induce on” right now.


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