This week inside Jen:
How your baby’s growing:
It’s hard to say for sure how big your baby will be, but the average newborn weighs in at a little over 7 pounds and is about 20 inches long. Your baby will continue to grow with every passing day (his nails and hair will continue to get longer, too). Your baby’s skull bones are still separated and they’ll stay that way to allow the bones to compress enough to fit through the birth canal during labor (you’ll notice soft spots or “fontanels” on your baby’s head for a year or more after birth).
Much of the vernix has vanished but you will notice traces on his body. 15% of your child’s body is fat. Since he hasn’t learned to shiver yet, these fat stores will help regulate his temperature. Approximately 60 – 75 percent is water! Your baby’s chest sticks out, almost as if he’s ready to strut proudly over his accomplishment! His lungs will continue developing until birth. They are manufacturing large quantities of surfactant which works to keep the air sacs open.
Congratulations! Any day now you will be cradling your son or daughter! Cherish the moments and learn all you can about this new personality in your life. They go by all too fast!
******** has changed Landon’s status to Newborn. ARGH!!! I wish!
So here I am, at 40 weeks. Due date day. No sign that Landon will be coming today either.

It’s a bit disheartening to see the ticker on the main page, all lacking its count down, and still no baby. The next few days should be fun, when the strangers ask when I’m due, and I get to say a date in the past. Still, I KNOW he’ll be here next week, so I’ve just got to hold on. I would really rather he came on his own, but if he decides to be stubborn like his father (Bobby was apparently 10 days late, Mom said just recently I was four days late), well then, next week, induce!!


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