So the scorpion is still giving me the weebie jeebies. We sprayed with some over the counter scorpion killer from Lowes, and cleaned house. Monday the Orkin guy (supplied by my apartment complex) came by and also sprayed and stuff.
Last night, every time I woke up (all 6 times) to head to the bathroom in my bare feet, I kept thinking that the damn scorpion was just sitting in the middle of the floor, and I could have stepped on him! What if his wife was sitting in the bathroom right now, out in the open, just waiting for me to step on her?
I don’t normally turn on the lights, as they would wake up my husband, who is still working and needs his sleep. Man, I was tempted to last night. No bug sightings since yesterday at all, so hopefully that means they are all dead and gone.
Bobby has headed out to the house to do some work. I am unimpressed with the stair guy. He wants over 2k to put up an unstained railing, and he won’t mess with the carpet. Literally less than $500 in materials, if we went to Lowes and bought the pieces ourselves. Contractors suck. The big issue being that we don’t want to do it ourselves, we just want the damn thing done!
Speaking of them sucking, in my quest to find someone to do the stair rails, I emailed Judy Kay Frieder, owner of the local Handyman Network office in Phoenix. I was told that we live to far away for her to consider working on our home. I emailed her back and pointed out that was silly. Both my Father in Law and my Dad ran/run their own business that serviced/services the valley, and both were/are willing to go all over the valley to do work, without batting an eye. I was probably a little rude, and pointed out that “business must be booming if they can turn down work that is less than hour away.” She responded, all pissed off that I was so insulting, and told me that it was more like 2 hours from her Phoenix office (which I had the address of) to my construction address, and that she couldn’t “properly supervise her employees that far out.” So I mapquested it, 44.3 mi (about 58 mins). I sent her that, and a note telling her that she was rude, hadn’t bothered to check her facts, and how awful were her employees if they needed such supervision? I then promised to mention her to family and friends as someone NOT worth working with. So there you go.
Dr’s appt this afternoon, will do a Landon update afterwards.


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