So, I’m finally on maternity leave. Thank all the higher powers. I needed this.
Weekend, outside of the our little guest on the kitchen floor, was good.
Friday we went over to Lirk’s to game, but ended up talking all night instead. I think we need a different GM, if we ever want to accomplish anything. (not that I don’t enjoy Dirks GMing, but that he is easily distracted)
Saturday we went out the house, and I spent most of that time at my in-laws, while Bobby painted and worked on the shower. Also, the carpet was installed last week!

Carpet colors Carpet colors
This is a good shot showing the colors of the stair carpet and the master bedroom carpet. 7/15/06
garage door front garage door front
Here is the door from the outside. We are also having dirt work done, as the driveway didn’t meet the garage door right, and we need to have electric run to the pump, and the pump (to the well) line run to the house, under the dirt. 7/15/06
nursery nursery
The carpet isn’t as dark as it looks here. The carpet is also greener than it looks here. I just couldn’t get a good shot of it where the true colors came out. Still, this give you some idea of the finished product. 7/15/06
stairs stairs
We had to pick form a limited selection of “stair” carpets that is built to weather the additional wear and tear of being stairs. I thought that all the colors were ugly, and that this one was the least ugly. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how the carpet looked once it was installed. Its not my favorite color, but its not ugly. Now the only issue we are having is that the stair rail people we were working with fell through, and the new people are all “we don’t do carpets” so we will have to peel up the carpet and then put it back when the stair railing is done, assuming we go with the new people. There is a chance (as we don’t have a price yet on the new people) that Bobby and his dad will attempt to do the railing themselves… we’ll see what happens!!! 7/15/06

We had a storm come in, a monsoon, around 2:30ish, out at the house, and it dropped the temperature a good 10-20 degrees, making the whole outside bit bearable, almost nice out. It was a good day to work out there.
After we were done, we went and had dinner and Chuck Box. It was so good, it totally hit the spot. Yummy!!!
Sunday was unfortunately spent cleaning, in an effort to ensure that my little kitchen buddy did not have friends. I took his corpse to the apartment people, and the agreed (after me going into details on the whole scorpion worries) to have a bug guy come out today to the apartment, so one of us has to stay here between 8-5, until the dude shows up. Sunday night we finally saw Pirates 2, which was pretty good.

I went out to see some dude about the stair railing on the house. We haven’t been able to find someone to put up a railing, and cannot get a certificate of livability (and therefore cannot move in) until we have the railing. More info on it next to the picture, above.
Other than that, I am officially on leave from work, and my ticker says 22 days until my due date. I am showing no signs of impending labor, which is good. I’ll be annoyed if my boy decides he wants to be a cancer instead of a leo, so he better hold on till Sunday at the earliest!


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