On Stress, Landon, and the house.

So, due to bad luck on our part, the carpets got put in before the exterior doors on the house…. However, the carpet is in, which is good news. Hopefully, the various forms of nature (Lizards, birds, bugs, etc.) that track through our house will not damage the carpet.
Bobby had the day from hell yesterday. He went out to the house to meet the carpet people, who were supposed to be there at 9am. When he got to the house there was a note on the fence from SRP saying they came out to do something but since the fence was locked, they couldn’t and they were going to charge us to come out again. If they had told us they were coming out, and when, we could have either A) told them where the key was (as there is one on the lot, so the workers can open the fence on their own) or B) Met them out there. So we got to call them, and leave nasty messages, but nothing is resolved on that front yet.
Then the carpet people didn’t show up till after lunch, so Bobby hit a convenience store for lunch, which made him sick. Then his laptop died. He’s dealing with the laptop issue this morning. Bobby was working from his car while he was out there in the heat, on his laptop…. He then had to wait for the carpet people to finish, so he didn’t get home till after seven PM. It was just a sucky day for him. Please, give him so love and hugs today over at his journal (firesion), via email, or in person! He is a truly wonderful man who works way too hard, and does amazing things for me and for others.
We still need to finish painting the garage, tile the upstairs bath, and find someone or someway to do the stair railing and balcony railing on the house. I’m really hoping that someone will go out to the house and help Bobby with the tiling, at the very least. He’s working himself to death.
Bobby doesn’t think the house will be done before Landon shows up, which isn’t a bad thing, but it does kinda suck. I mean, Lan will be just fine in the apartment, and I will be closer to the hospital, which means I can labor “at home” for longer with less stress then if we were out in AJ.
I really wish we weren’t doing this all at once again. Back in 2000, we did too much at once. We got married and moved to Portland and bought a house. I went through a major depression that year, after the wedding until the house got bought, due to just so much changing at once. This time around, the house is just so stressful that its hard to focus on happy things. I just want the fucking thing done so we can stop having to deal with it. It’s a major stress point right now.

So yesterday I was supposed to have my doctors appt at 2:55. This was the only time I could get, and I wasn’t thrilled with the time. My work was having a going away lunch for my old boss, the one who hired me, and I really wanted to go to that, so in order to do that and make my appointment, I logged in at 5:30AM. Now I was working from home, so that’s not as bad as it sounds, but it still isn’t fun. I watched Price is Right, which was fun, and in general had a good morning. The lunch was a blast, but my cell went off at the lunch. I didn’t recognize the number, so I didn’t answer it. It was very loud and party like, so I would have had to leave to hear the call anyway.
So at one, I check my voicemail, and it was my doctors office, saying they need to move my appt today, please call. They are at lunch till 1:30, so I call back about 1:45. They ask if I can come in at 3:55 and see the nurse practioner.
I would have rather had the 3:55 appt with her anyway, over the appt I did have, because it meant that a woman would be doing my strep swab, and that I wouldn’t have had to start work at such an insane hour.
So I took the new appointment. And when I got there at 3:45, I got told that they were running behind (no surprise) and that it would be over an hour…. Blah. You would think that when they booked me only two hours earlier, they could tell they were going to be behind at that point, and booked me for later or another day.
Finally got called back, all my numbers were fine, Lan’s heart rate was 135 BPM, I mentioned my extra swelling, got told everything was normal. Nurse tells me that now all we do is wait for labor, see ya next week. The nice thing was, that despite being a long wait, the NP was wonderful and spent time with me and didn’t make me feel rushed at all!
I did ask what the policy on induction was. She said that you go weekly until your due date. The week of your due date is a normal appointment, but when you schedule your appt for the following week, you just set it up at the hospital to be induced. Basically, if I follow their plan, I would want to push until the end of that week to be induced. So I would go into Labor no later than 41 weeks 4 days, or August 18th. I haven’t decided what I want to do, and will cross that bridge if/when I come to it.
Two more days left of work, so I was able to set up next weeks appointment with the doctor I actually like, who I haven’t seen in months. I am going on Tuesday at 1:40pm.


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