So here I am, back at work for one more week.
Friday Bobby and I went and met some new gamer people, Jamie and Gyan. They live out towards AJ, and have a two month old baby girl. Patty at Game Depot hooked us up, and we had dinner with them and played Betrayal at the House on the Hill.
I really liked them and enjoyed their company, but I didn’t approve of their parenting style, which made me slightly uncomfortable.

Now first off, there is a big can of formula on the counter when we walked in. I was good, and didn’t ask about it, but as we got to talking later, found out that they switched to formula after attempting breast feeding for only a week. While in the hospital they were told that their baby was dehydrated, and the nurse started supplemental formula feedings. This would have interfered with the natural supply/demand relationship that breastfeeding needs in order to be successful. It’s no surprise she had issues once they started the bottle. If baby was dehydrated, she needed to be on the breast more!
I also noticed on the fridge, a schedule for baby. So at that point, I was pretty sure that they were attempting the BabyWise methods.
Baby-wise is a highly debated form of parenting that basically believes you can put a two month old on a tight schedule, and in letting the baby “cry it out” if they aren’t on schedule. The author is Gary Ezzo, an enigmatic, 50-something, evangelical Christian minister. His methods have been under a lot of scrutiny, due to babies becoming dehydrated, to the point of death in a few cases, as well as theories that his methodology leads to depression in both the babies and in the parents.
Now I’ve done a lot of research on parenting methods, and I’ve talked to parents of young children, (including Laura of the three children who runs a daycare out of her home) and the general consensus of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else I have read is that the idea of putting a newborn on a schedule is awful, and wrong. Babies that young are used to 24/7 contact, care, and feeding from Mom (like they had in the womb), and their brains are NOT developed enough to understand a schedule. Also, the baby needs to eat every 1-4 hours, so if your schedule doesn’t allow for this, you could end up with a sick baby. I am also convinced this babywise schedule contributed to the her failure at breastfeeding, as if she had been feeding on demand, the child would not have been dehydrated, and the proper supply/demand balance would have been found.
To me, the biggest thing that told me they were wrong in following babywise was the number of times that Jamie (Mom) said to us that she hated hearing the baby cry. That she “understood” that babies need to cry it out, but that it really bothered her and she didn’t like it. If it makes you uncomfortable and unhappy as a parent, if your instincts are screaming at you that its wrong, then maybe you should change your ways!!!
I’m interested to hear others thoughts on this though, so feel free to comment!

ARGH!!! Okay, other than the whole baby wise thing, They were actually truly awesome, and I look forward to gaming with them in the future. I just wonder how much my “parenting style/plan” will drive them nuts, since I am leaning much more towards the attachment parenting style.

Saturday was a very busy day. We got up early for the CPR/Child safety class. Talk about attempting to frighten a new parent to death!
The class spent the first half talking about dangers to kids, what could happen, what to look for, and horror stories about what did actually happen to some child. The video on “watch your kids around water” was the worst. It made me cry, as they interviewed parents who had their child drowned in the pool. I worry about drowning not in a pool, but in my MIL’s ponds. I have always been uncomfortable that my 2 year old nephew is allowed to play outside without adult supervision, especially around all the Koi and water plant ponds. I told Bobby (and he agreed!) that we want it made clear that our child isn’t allowed outside without adult supervision (at least until he reaches a certain age). That’s gonna have MIL convinced we are overprotective parents! Ah well, better safe than sorry.
We then got into the CPR and choking responses, which was what I took the class for. We had the dummies and practiced on infants and toddler sized ones. Overall, that part of the class was very good. They are currently in the process of changing the standards for CPR, now its 2 breaths followed by 30 chest compressions, instead of the old 1:5 ratio.
Class ended at noon, so we grabbed some KFC for lunch, and then headed to steeldreams’ Cake or Death party, which was a ton of fun! I am very glad we went! Unfortunately, Bobby’s friend Rick needed to be picked up from work at 4:30, so we had to leave at 4.
I got a call from Laura inviting me on a girls night out, which sounded like it would be a lot of fun, and since Bobby was hanging out with Rick, I had him drop me at Laura’s house.
The girls (there were six of us in total) went out to TGI Fridays for dinner, and then went out to see “The Devil Wears Prada.” I didn’t like the movie much, as the girl who is the lead is a size SIX, but all the people who work at the fashion magazine she gets a job at call her FAT and put her down. The last thing women of the word need is a movie where a size six is considered overweight. There was a lot more to the movie than that, but I don’t want to spoil it if someone actually wants to go see it. I just know I didn’t like it, don’t recommend it.

Sunday Bobby and I got up and had planned to do lots of things, but the weather was HORRID. I woke up with my feet so swollen they wouldn’t fit into my sandals, so we got me a pair of larger sandals, had lunch, and then basically we both felt like crap, so we just went home and laid about the house. Bobby was rather ill, and the heat had just drained me dry of energy.
Bobby feels a little better today, but still under the weather. I knew it was coming because he runs himself ragged (what with the house, and taking care of me, and the baby on the way), and then that lowers his immune system, and he gets sick. I worry about him, and I saw the signs, but too late to fix anything, which makes me feel bad, because I should have stepped up a few days ago and MADE him rest. Of course, that might have required me to tie him down 🙂 So I am hoping he will lay low for a few days and get better. I love him very much and worry about him when he is ill. I really do appreciate everything he has done in the last few weeks to help with the house and to help me, and I don’t know how I would have made it this last week without him.
I feel better today, still tired and HUGE, but better. I need to hit walmart either tonight or tomorrow, I have a doctor’s appt on Weds & dinner with Leigh, Thurs potluck, Fri is D20 modern game, and then I am officially on LEAVE from WORK!!!!
oh yeah, and LESS THAN A MONTH till my due date!!!!


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