Things we have:
receiving blanket
wash clothes 6 pack
do rag
shoes (12m)
baby sling
20 pack health care kit (includes baby thermometer, clippers, medicine dispenser, brush, ect)
travel grooming set
12 pack health set
letter links
navy closet organizer
1 pack 40 NB diapers, basket o diapers
2 yarn blankets
1 fleece NB blanket
1 quilt NB
pacifier 2
socks 3 pack
mittens 3 pack
NB onesies 1, NB PJs 1
0-3 months size onesies 14, 1 shirt. 2 pants
6 month size onesies 7, 1 shirt, 2 pants, pjs 1
9 months 1 onesie, 1 shirt, 1 pant
12 months size 1 onesies, 3 shirts, 2 pants
24 month shirts 2
Bassinet (complete with 1 set of sheets)
Stuffed Lion & Rattle
Winnie the pooh block set
Changing table pad
I think we had a bath tub thing, but its not here, might still be at in-laws and we had the swing that is still at grandmas.
Things I know we need:
Bathing stuff (baby shampoo, lotion)
Swaddle blanket
Diaper bag
Second sling (I want one less commercial and not as heavy and hot as the one I got)
Crib sheets
Crib mattress
Car Seat
More receiving blankets
Swaddle me
Pack’n’play maybe?

What else do I need?


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