This week inside Jen
How your baby’s growing: Your baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds and is probably almost 18 inches long. His fat layers — which he’ll need to regulate his body temperature once he’s born — are filling him out, making him rounder. His central nervous system is still maturing and his lungs are well developed by now. If you’ve been nervous about going into preterm labor, you’ll be happy to know that 99 percent of babies this age can survive outside the womb — and most have no major long-term problems related to prematurity. Your baby acts completely like a newborn, with his eyes opened when awake and closed when sleeping. You may also find him settling into more of a routine for sleeping & awake times. He has learned to blink. He can also see more clearly when there is a bright light on your stomach and probably has the outline of all your organs memorized! Antibodies from your blood are being transferred to him. These immunities continue to build until birth. Then breast milk will add even more protection against disease. Your baby may have already turned to a head-down position in preparation for birth. If he is your first baby, he may be settling into the pelvis with his head pressing against your cervix. Fingernails have reached the end of the fingertips now. He may scratch his face even before he is born!
Sunday night was awful. I swear I woke up every hour to potty. I would wake up, feeling the need to go. I would think to myself, “Jen, that’s just ridiculous, you went forty-five minutes ago! Maybe if I just roll over the need will go away.” As soon as I shifted at all, the need to pee would become unbearable, and I was scurrying off to the bathroom! I would then pee a teeny tiny little bit, and feel greatly relived. I was very worried that this would be “the way things are” for the next six (+/-2) weeks.
However, I am happy to report that last night I only woke up once, so apparently Lan was just kicking my bladder all night long.
So Saturday was the baby shower, and we had been leaving all the baby stuff out at my MIL’s place, because we don’t have a lot of space in our apartment, and because we were planning on being in the house around mid-July, which should have left us with plenty of time to set up the nursery before Landon is born. Now its looking like LATE July at the earliest. I’ve been stressing about what will we do if he comes early, where we will put stuff, how we will manage!
On Sunday, I mentioned to Bobby that I should have taken better inventory, I mean, I know what we got at the shower, but I don’t know how many were what sizes, and so on and so forth. I also was attempting to soothe Bobby’s own worries about if Landon comes before the house is done, so I mentioned that I would pack up many of my books and put Lan’s bassinet where they were.
I came home last night and look:

Bobby brought all the baby stuff to the apartment, and set up the bassinet for me! It really went a long way to calming some of my nesting stress, as well as now I can take inventory and see what else we need to buy! Today we are hoping to go shopping for a car seat.
We are thinking about getting a Britax Roundabout convertible car seat, and not bothering with an infant seat at all. I plan to transport Lan mostly via sling anyway, and personally never liked the idea of the car seat being used as an infant carrier. Anyone have any advice or opinions on the whole car seat deal? Experience with the Britax brand?

Right now my biggest worry is that Landon won’t go head down. I keep dreaming that he’s head up or transverse when I go into labor. It would really make me feel better if the stupid doctor could tell me which way he is sitting now, because if he is already head down, that would relive a lot of my anxiety.
I still think Landon will show up sometime between Aug 10th and Aug 18th, but not any earlier than his due date (8/8). If he shows up when I think he will, then we should hopefully be moved in by then!
Well, three more weeks of work (counting this week) until my maternity leave starts! Woo Hoo! July 14th just can’t get here fast enough!

Only FORTY TWO days left until my due date! That seems significant somehow!


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