Baby Shower!!!
The baby shower for Landon was a smashing success. We had around 20 guests, and had a ton of fun!
The only game we played was the advice book game, if you want to call it a game. steeldreams put together a book, and had us hand out blank pages from the book to all the guests. The guests then wrote down advice for us or for the baby. The book is stunning, and I am glad we got it! I haven’t taken any pictures of the book yet though.
Here are a few pictures from the shower:

cake cake
Landon’s Shower cake. 6/24/06
Choose your weapon Choose your weapon
We are such geeks. This shirt is from The Game Depot. It has all the types of dice on it and says, “Choose your Weapon” I think its my favorite thing we got. 6/24/06
basket basket
goodies! 6/24/06
Bobby and Uncle Jack Bobby and Uncle Jack
Baby shower 6/24/06

More here:

Also, Bobby took a bunch of people up to the house in progress, here is a picture of them exploring

Bad news is that the texturing still wasn’t done on the drywall as of Saturday, so we couldn’t start painting on Sunday. I really hate the drywall people, they are dragging their feet and putting us behind schedule.


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