The rules:
1) Comment
2) I give you a letter
3) Think of ten words that start with that letter
4) Post them in your livejournal with explanations of why they’re relevant to you
5) Give letters to people who comment on yours

Steeldreams gave me an “K”

1) Kay- As in short for Okay. I’m stryiving to be at least okay.
2) Kid- My son, who is kicking my desk right now. When I work at the computer I like to be close to the desk, and now my belly gets in the way. The spot where my belly pushes on my desk has been his favorite place to kick today.
3) Knife- I collect knives. They are pretty. The collection is in storage, and I miss it.
4) Knowledge- is power. I prefer people with knowledge, and like to gain it myself.
5) K- as in one thousand, as in money. As in I need a bunch of it to finish my house.
6) Kayak- This is a sport I want to take up someday. We Kayaked in Hawaii, on our honeymoon, and it was fun. Well, except for the part where Bobby kept driving me into the trees. We really got the hang of it on the return trip though, it totally rocked!
7) Key- To my house? To either house? Well, you don’t really need a key to get into the house we are building. I do, however, now own the house Sam was renting, and have no key.
8) Kitten- As in I want one. Bobby’s mom is attempting to breed Siamese kittens, and I think I might steal one. I don’t want a kitten before the house is done though.
9) Koi- Cause my in laws love them, breed them, collect them, and run a business about them
10) Keyboard- My Dad repaired organs and keyboards and such. It was his own business. To this day I can’t look at a keyboard and not think of dad. I still miss him terribly. I really wish he were here to see Landon when he was born.
Bonus- Kenya! my icon 🙂


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