Friends locked for corporate reasons.
What a motivational day.
So first of all, I just found out didn’t get the buyer job/promotion thing.
I’m pretty sure I didn’t get it because of the maternity leave. I was told that while I was a great candidate, and that everyone felt I would be able to do an awesome job, they really thought I would get bored being a buyer and want to move on when my year is up.(At my company, you have to stay with each position you get for a year before you can move on.) This is true. I’m not all that interested in being a buyer, and would have probably put in a year and left. In fact, that’s what most people around here do. The buyers all last about an average of 1.6 years before moving on (usually to a better position within the company). Buyer position = good stepping stone
The person who did get it, is, unfortunately, IMHO, the worst choice of the three of us. I was pretty sure she was going to get it. She has her degree (as do I), but the other girl who was up for the job did not. The other girl would have been better, but due to lack of degree…. Well, you see what I mean.
Also, I came into work this morning and found out that my “group” (by group I mean the huge organization I report up into, basically going to 1 level or 2 levels below the CEO) is going to be “disbanded.”
We’ve asked what that means, and the general answer is, “we don’t know, we’ll tell you more later, like maybe in August.”
So you’ll pardon me if I don’t really feel up to working anymore today.
Screw this shit, I’m going to lunch.


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