First off, some really good news! Bobby didn’t have to go out of town this week! Also, he has an interview today for a position with another company, so think good thoughts for him.
Now, the weekend in review:
Friday we went over to Alon’s house where we met up with steeldreams, who made us dinner. I played a round of Guitar Hero, and discovered I don’t really have the coordination required for that game. I can see where the fun is in the game, but it doesn’t appeal to me enough to want to run out and buy it. We also played Monkey Ball on Alon’s Xbox. The game has levels that the game cube version lacked, which makes me kinda want to go buy the game again for the Xbox to get the extra levels. Overall, Friday was much fun.
Saturday Bobby went to the Hordes!Tournament at the game depot for the day. I took the time to go shopping for a Father’s day gift. I’d tell you all about the shopping and what I bought, but I think I should wait until after father’s day, so as to keep a little bit of it a surprise for Bobby.
After I finished shopping I called Dirk and Laura to see if I could borrow their children for labor purposes, and they said yes. I took my car over to their house, and with the help of four kids, washed my car and Lirk’s van. This was much fun and involved summer sun and water. I hung out with Laura for a few hours and chatted before heading over to Game Depot to see how Bobby was doing.
He was just starting his last fight when I got there, so I hung out and talked with Patty and Dave (the store owners) for a bit. Patty told me that she had hooked Bobby up with a couple that had just had a baby. Apparently they live out towards AJ, and upon having their baby, found themselves lacking a gaming group. Bobby’s going to email them to see if we can’t set something up.
Bobby took “Best in Faction” at the tourney, and then took me out to Outback Steakhouse for dinner, which was very yummy.
After dinner we watched (thank you TiVo) the season finale of Dr. Who, which was fairly good. I enjoyed it, even if it was odd. I thought there could have been a better explanation of the whole “Bad Wolf” syndrome, but other than that.
Sunday we had lunch with my Uncle Jack at BJ’s at Chandler mall. After lunch Bobby and I hit Best Buy and picked up a DS Lite!, which is cool. The system is smaller and brighter than the old one, and now Bobby and I can play DS games together.
Of course, we then had to head out towards our lot. We stopped off at Home Depot in order to look at tile for the master bathroom. Bobby is planning to attempt to tile the master bath and shower this week. He has Thursday and Friday off work, and wants to spend all day out at the house. We picked out our favorite choices for tile, and then headed out to see the house. The drywall was FINALLY hung, so now you can really tell where all the walls are.

Downstairs/Great room

Master Shower, AKA, Bobby’s tile project

Me in the Nursery

As always, more here:
and onto page 4 as well now. I think I added 5 more pictures besides the three here.

The house looks like its coming along well. I really hope moving in is in the near future. The drywall guys are supposed to tape and texture this week, and Bobby is going to tile this week, and the Home Depot people are going to measure for doors, so we can order doors and get them hung. Still need to stucco the outside and have the house painted inside and out. Also need to order the kitchen, have the stair rail and balcony rail put in, and then order carpets.
Getting closer!
Talked with MIL for a bit. She is hosting the baby shower but is not currently planning any entertainment/games or anything. I am wondering if I should bother to come up with something myself, or if I should look into party favors or anything else. Bobby talked to his dad, and Weds, after work, Bobby is going to go meet his dad at home depot so they can buy all the supplies Bobby needs to tile the bathroom.
After the house, we went and had dinner with Dirk and Laura at the Claim Jumper. Overall, I wasn’t that impressed. The food was good, don’t get me wrong, but it seemed a bit overpriced for what we got. We played a few board type games, and then headed home.
All and all, a good weekend. Next weekend we have our first Childbirth Class!


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