I love my husband! His boss gave him more E awards because of the whole not able to pay him overtime for the next few weeks while his salary is still crappy. He got $500 of credits which gets magically turned into gift certificates. Bobby got $300 to Barnes and Noble and $200 to Babies R Us. So I have plenty of book money and can hit Babies R Us after our shower at the end of the month and go shopping for Landon. Speaking of that, I found more shirts that I really want Lan to have, here and here.
I know, I’m such a geek.
I consider myself a pretty modest person. I don’t like to show extra skin, wouldn’t wear a bikini or anything. This baby belly, though, it is just begging for sunlight. I basically feel the most comfortable with it hanging out over my jeans, my shirt tucked up under my bra, so the horrible stretch marks are bared for all to see. I refuse to do this out in public, although I want to. So my poor husband has to put up with scary baby belly hanging out around the apartment all the time. Is that normal for Preggos?
Oh, and check the shiny new icon. I love it.


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