Well, lets start out (after my last post) by mentioning that Lan is happily kicking my insides, and all was well at the doctors yesterday. I’ll go into great detail about the doctor’s visit under the cut, for those of you who are interested.

Got to the doctor, got weighed and measured and all that. Lan’s heart rate was 151 BPM. I measured at 30 weeks, right on target. I’ve gained almost 40 Lbs with this pregnancy. I can’t wait to lose the weight. I feel so heavy and awkward. I plan to work on getting down to 150. My blood pressure was 120/80.
Anyway, I brought in a birth plan with me to talk to the doctor about. Now there are 4 doctors who deliver babies with the group. Two are at my office. I originally started out seeing the woman at my office, but somehow got switched to the old guy. I don’t really mind, because either of them, or the two doctors I’ve never met, could be delivering me.
Now I’ve talked about the whole IV thing. Based on what I’ve read, one of the things that helps a woman have a successful birth experience is that she is comfortable.
The last time I had an IV, it was when I went in during Jr. High to have the mystery lump removed from under my right arm. They put in the IV, and I didn’t like it. It freaked me out. I only had it in for about five minutes before they put me under, but I remember getting though it by thinking to myself that I would be unconscious in a few moments, and it wouldn’t matter. I just don’t think that a needle in my arm for HOURS is going to be conducive to helping me feel comfortable and relaxed.
The hospital said it WAS NOT hospital policy for them to place an IV, but that it was recommended. My doc basically said that it was necessary. It had good points. (paraphrased) “A woman who doesn’t want one usually doesn’t want one because she is either afraid of needles or a hard stick. If we wait to put one in until its necessary, it tends to be because she is bleeding and her veins are collapsing. Once your veins start that, its much harder to start an IV, causing the woman to become more of a hard stick. Also, if the woman has a fear of needles, then she is more likely to panic when we are putting in an IV under a stressful situation, often times flailing or struggling, making the situation much worse.” As far as I know, I’m not a “hard stick,” never has a nurse had trouble finding a vein. However, the struggling? Well, that would be me.
So now I am concerned over that, basically, its change doctors or have an IV.
Next up, we talked about C sections. He asked me if I was doing the Bradley method, and I told him no. His response, “Good, that method tends to attempt to make it sound like it’s a democracy in there, and to be frank, it’s not. If something is going wrong, really wrong, we’re going to do what’s best for you and baby, no matter what.”
So basically, if he feels I need a C section, then I should plan to get one. He did say that he was fine letting me progress and labor as long as I wanted, assuming no health risks.
The one thing that made feel better was that when we did the hospital tour, they said that for an ER C section, no one could be in the room with you. The doctor did clarify this. He said that as long as I would be conscious, that I could have Bobby in the room with me. Only in the event that they needed to knock me out would Bobby not be there. This made me feel so much better, because I was absolutely frightened out of my head of the idea of being awake and without someone there to hold my hand while I was cut open. I mean, talk about nightmares.
We talked about home birth, and I tended to agree with the doctor on the whole issue of home birth. Basically, here in America, we aren’t really set up for home birth. Lets say I was out in AJ, and had a home birth, and something went wrong. So we call the ambulance, who gets there in 15 minutes. Then it takes them about 20 minutes to get pregnant, laboring mom stable and loaded up into the vehicle. Then, depending on traffic, it takes another, oh, 15-30 minutes to get to ER. Then you have to get the hospital to figure out what’s wrong, who you are, and what to do. So basically over an hour tends to pass between something going wrong, and something being able to be done about it. Yes, most women won’t have something go wrong. But this isn’t just about me and my life. It’s about Landon and his too. And if something goes wrong, I want to make sure that he gets the best care possible, as quickly as possible. So I want to be in a hospital. I want a doctor there. Not to mention that there really isn’t a “home” a would feel comfortable birthing in, given that I wouldn’t want to do it at the apartment, or my in-laws, and our house may or may not be done, and who knows how I would feel about birthing out there.
I also asked the doctor about laboring and birthing positions. He said basically that birth on the bed was the only option, although I can labor wherever I want. His reasons had to do with catching position, being able to turn baby if shoulders are stuck, and “lack of medical evidence” that other positions work any better. He did assure me that the beds were “very adjustable,” and that I would be able to birth at an angle, not flat on my back.
This doctor has been birthing babies since 1977.
Lets add to this.
I have a low pain tolerance. I know that about me.
I watched (and I know, I totally shouldn’t have) A Baby Story on TLC. The first episode had a woman being induced with pitocen (sp?). She was a wuss. She told them flat out, I want the Epidural. She had one within 20 minutes of them starting the pitocen. She stayed calm and collected through the entire labor, her makeup in place, with some mild grunting/moaning at the pushing stage, but only a little. She was alert and able to talk through the whole labor, and fairly calm.
The second woman went with a natural water birth. SHE SCREAMED! SHE CRIED! She moaned, her and her husband had a horrid fight while she labored. She looked awful. She was in pain.
My doctor said that the epidural wasn’t an option years ago. That you can force someone to endure most types of pain. He said that most people, when given the option, will not want to endure the pain, even though they are physically capable of doing it.
He said he was fine if I wanted to go natural, but that if I wanted the drugs, they were available.
Everyone I have talked to outside of LJ, had been shocked, horrified, or appalled that I would even want to consider natural childbirth.
Laura of the three kids? Told me get the epidural.
My 2 sister-in-laws? The ones with 2 kids each? Told me to get the epidural.

I’m kinda scared. I’m not really sure what I want to do. I don’t think I want to switch doctors at this point. I know I want a hospital birth. I’ve decided I don’t want a doula.
At the same time, I don’t want an IV. I feel like if I have to have the IV, I might as well get the epidural.

Did I mention I hate needles?

I have yet to publicly thank my hubby for Tuesday. He brought me home a stuffed Oreganos pizza that was to die for. It was much yummy and a wonderful surprise. THANK YOU firesion!!
Yesterday was a much needed telecommute day, and staying home was a goodness. I was a bit sad, because I attempted to watch my Dune Extended Edition Long Version Special Edition DVD that I got at best buy, and it skipped. Not only did it skip, but it skipped during one of the special extended scenes. The one where Dr. Kines admits he is Freman, not the emperor’s puppet.
After the doctor’s visit we went out to dinner with steeldreams, and her date, Alon for her birthday. This was fun, and enjoyable.
Bobby and I then hit Best Buy, where I returned my Dune Extended Edition Long Version Special Edition DVD and got a new one, which I plan to attempt to watch next Weds. We also priced appliances for the house.
See, we were going to get them from Costco Online. But Costco has 1 oven, 1 washer/dryer, and 1 dishwasher to chose amongst. Plus they really only have one fridge, although it has multiple colors, everything is Whirlpool brand. To order everything from Costco (washer, dryer, oven, dishwasher, fridge) will run us about 5K. The prices on those specific models are very good! I thought we could do it from Best buy for less. We can, but its only about $500 less, and the items aren’t necessarily as nice, they are different brands and such, with less features. We haven’t decided which we plan to do yet. Anyone have any input on appliance purchases? On Whirlpool Brand?
bibliomania: An intense abnormal desire to collect and possess books, especially rare and curious ones
bibliokleptomania: An uncontrollable or compulsive desire to steal and to possess books.
bibliokleptophobia: A fear that someone will steal books from a private collection or a special concern of librarians; especially, those who have rare and precious books.


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