I think, that if it hadn’t been an Xmen movie, I might have been able to enjoy it more.
The problems I had with it tended to circle around the fact that characters I am familiar with, enjoy reading, and know the history of, did things that seemed completely out of character for them.
I thought it had strong potential. Hell, I was looking forward to a chance to see the original team (Scott, Jean, Bobby, Hank, and Warren) in action. Instead we don’t even get them all on the screen together.
First of all it is strongly insinuated that Jean kills Scott. This is basically an impossibility. I don’t care what universe you read, in the end, Scott and Jean always work it out. To have Logan be all, “I can save her” and then be the one to actually talk her down at the end? WTF? That makes no sense whatsoever. In the movie verse, there isn’t really a relationship between Logan and Jean, I mean, they play it up like there might be some physical attraction, but no actual RELATIONSHIP. If you broaden that to the Xmen universe in general, it makes even less sense. And Jean kills the professor? No way.
Oh yeah, and “lets rate mutants like hurricanes, cause that makes sense” (A CLASS FIVE MUTANT? OH NOES!)
Secondly, WTF was up with Juggernaut? He’s NOT A MUTANT!!! Leeches powers shouldn’t have affected him! (And let me mention that Leach didn’t look like Leech at all, which sucked)
Next, why bother with the whole love triangle between Kitty, Bobby, and Rogue? Stupid subplot, made little sense. You want teen romance? Let’s have a little Colossus/Kitty going on. Hell lets give Colossus a few lines and a bit of a personality.
I wasn’t that annoyed about a “cure” similar plots have been done before, but the whole “lets strap you down before we give a willing victim (Angel) a cure” well, that was dumb. Of course, giving the cure to Mystique pissed me off royally. I also don’t think Magneto would have just left her, I think that she was still of value to him, and that if nothing else it would have given then a chance to have a test subject who had the cure to see if a cured person could be uncured. Also, there was a whole ethical issue about giving the cure to people against their will. This is discussed between Beast and the president. So why is it suddenly okay for the Xmen to give Magneto the cure without his permission in a fight? I can see where Wolverine might feel that it was okay, but to get the whole team on it? And if we are going to be giving people a cure against their will, why the hell didn’t Logan give it to Jean? Then she could have lived, instead of having to die. (I mean, they gave Magneto four doses…. Couldn’t they have given him 2 and Jean 2)
Of course (and thank god) the cure doesn’t really work, and wears off.
Beast, who was never mentioned at all previously, is “welcomed home” like he was part of the family. This makes me think more comic book back-story on beast. He was done okay. I don’t think the actor was the best, I expected beast to have much more rumbly voice, be bigger, and well, furrier.
What was up with all the unnamed mutans on Magnetos team? I felt like I should have been able to identify some of them, but most of them didn’t look enough like whose powers they had to even let me guess. And what the help was up with the androg-mutant? I kept thinking it was a boy, but it had boobies!
I felt like the costume and makeup department got a picture of the Scarlet Witch and thought it was what Jean looks like. I was okay with the whole “dark phoenix is jean’s dual personality disorder” Cause really, the last thing that movie needed was aliens. But the way in which Xavier explains that to Logan? Completely out of character for him. Made no sense for Xavier to act that way. Very annoyed.
Okay, and finally, the biggest problem I had? Xavier’s School is in New York state somewhere. They take the blackbird, a jet which can break the sound barrier, all the way to San Francisco, CA. Within about 10 minutes of them landing, Angel shows up. He apparently FLEW under his own power all that way…. I’m pretty sure feathers and flesh don’t make him The Flash all of the sudden. How the hell did he get there? There was as simpler fix to that plot hole. They could have just had him ask to go along. I was waiting for that moment. Nope, rather have a glaring plot hole.

Okay… So lets try and fix this. Jean didn’t really kill Scott, just put him in a coma somewhere around the lake and shielded him from Xavier. If you stay to the very end, (after the credits) you know the Xavier thing works itself out, and the cure wears off anyway. Juggernaut was really just some dude who met the REAL Juggernaut and decided to minic him. Angel snuck aboard the X Jet, Jean was really a clone set up by Apocalypse, as he is the evil villain in the next movie and has Jean stashed somewhere.
Either that or the whole thing was one of Logan’s dreams, that works too.

Things I liked? Angel flying about was pretty, The Iceman/Pyro fight rocked. Bobby (firesion, not iceman) really liked one line the Juggernaut said to Kitty. I liked how kitty handled Juggernaut, even if it shouldn’t have worked. Yeah, that was about it. The special effect were pretty cool looking too. Multiple Man was cute, and his time on screen was entertaining.

yeah, so on a scale where Speed 2 is a 0 and your favorite movie is a 10, I’d give X3 about a 3.
Also, If you haven’t seen it yet, Stay till the very end, after the credits role…. There is a little bit at the very very end.
We went to go see the movie at the new theatre that just opened up, the Cinemark, on the 202 and Dobson, just past riverview park.

It was pretty, had kind of an old, classy type feel to it. The snack bar lacked variety. It had the old standbys, popcorn, candy, drinks, nachos, but not much else. The chairs were not as comfy to me as many other stadium seating chairs in town. The chairs all rocked and had the arms that go up so you can cuddle. The theatres seemed to be laid out well, the design was okay. They are a little cheaper than the other stadium seating places in town. The sound was nothing stellar, the screen was okay, but we noticed a line through either the film or on the screen, plus there was something on one corner of either the screen or film, or camera, which isn’t impressive considering it was day 2 for the theatre to be open. Also, they had a lot of classy old movie star pictures on the walls, but not very many movie posters.
The pre-show they showed is the same one you see at one of the other theatres in town, I can never remember which one has what, but it was called the Cinemark “First Look” and I either Harkins or AMC also has the “First Look” which is identical, except the name of the theatre chain changes.
They did do a final reminder on the cell phones, which I appreciate, without making it annoying or anything. It was also less busy than the other theatres in the area.
My biggest complaint was that the bathroom was out of toilet paper. Basically the theatre was okay, where if other people wanted to meet at it, we would be willing to go, but if its up to us, we don’t plan to go back..



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