Friday, we helped friends move until 1AM. The move lacked planning, and was overall a not fun thing. (No, I did not lift things. I held open doors). This move was not completed on Friday.
Saturday, despite having been up way to late, I woke up at 7 something, and couldn’t get back to sleep. I decided to get up and go get a present for Damia, as we were going to her birthday party a little after 11 that morning, and hadn’t gotten around to actually buying anything. I ended up getting her a “my little pony” and a microscope, as the last few times I had been to Laura’s, at one point or another, Damia had talked about doing “science experiments” and Laura seemed to think she would like it. I looked at Chemistry sets, but the ages on them were 10 or 12, and even the microscope was actually set up for age 8, but I think that 7 is close enough. The party was good, the food was good, lots of kids were there, and Damia seemed to get a wide variety of “girly” toys. The big exceptions were some books and the microscope.
Then we went out and saw the house:

We have a roof!

Bobby and his dad enjoy the roof!

Bobby and his family still think we will be able to move in mid-July. (crosses fingers)
More pics, three pages of house, here:

Talked to Mickey (MIL), Baby shower will be out at her house, which is nice for us, because we will probably be storing most of the gifts there until the house is done. Also we will be able to run people up to see the house live and in person, if they so choose. The bad news is that means that the Baby Shower is out in AJ, which is a long haul for some people. The shower is all gender and all ages friendly. I am rather excited about it!
After visiting our lot, we headed over to the Superstion Springs Harkins theatre to see the Da Vinci Code. The theatre was packed, a huge line to buy tickets. We are waiting in line, out in the sun, packed in like sardines, wanting to buy tickets, when this bitch in front of us lights up her cigarette! What the hell! Its over 100 degrees, hot, smells of people, she has barley any room to move, and she is waiving around something on fire and breathing cancer on all the people around her. I wanted to hurt her. It’s one thing to have gone and stood off to the side to smoke, but to do it in line like that? Some people, I swear, should not be allowed out in public.
Anyway, the first showing that wasn’t sold out was over an hour away, which meant once we got inside we got to stand in another line before finally being able to sit down into what was sure to ALSO be a sold out show.

*** Da Vinci Code, possible spoilers***
I didn’t really like the movie. It was okay…. The book was, of course, better. They changed some things I liked, and changed some things I didn’t like. I could have done with much less of Silas “purifying” himself. I thought it was funny how half the audience GASPED when the identity of teacher was revealed. The little old ladies in the row behind me began excitedly tittering that they “Knew it had to be him,” once they got over the shock that it WAS him. I really thought that it was boring in a couple places, and was slow to get started. Overall, I would give the movie a C. It wasn’t so bad as to be avoided, but at the same time, doesn’t seem worth all the hype.

At this point, lack of sleep caught up with me, and I turned into a raving bitch. Bobby took me home and fed me and put me in bed. Smart man!
Sunday, the move needed to continue. *shudder* It needed to be completed that night, as the keys to the old apartment had to be handed in.
I went over to Dirk and Laura’s house to watch the kids so that they could take the van and help move. Bobby went over to help move as well. It sounds to me like day two was worse than day one, with lots more fighting and people not having things ready and such. I really feel that some people are bad movers, and those people should hire real movers. This seems to be the case.
I sat with the three kids, watched enough Dora to make my head explode. Had to change one diaper, but it was a messy poop diaper, so ick. (I know, I know, I need to get used to it) I asked Damia what her favorite present that she got at her party was, and she told me the microscope. I don’t know if that’s because she really liked it or because she knew that’s what I gave her, but she did play with it a lot while I was there. The kids were good, and their dad came and got them around 3ish, and then I went home.
Bobby came home worn out and exhausted, and we went to bed early.
Overall, the weekend sucked.
The third trimester hasn’t been my friend. Each day, I feel a little less in control, a little more run down, a little more stressed, a little more tired, and a little more uncomfortable than the day before. I keep wanting to put things off because “I’m not at my best” but each day I’m a little worse, and nothing seems to improve. I feel like I am slowly sliding down a hill. I have 78 more days till my due date, so that’s 78 days of inching down that slope. I am starting to worry that I might need to stop work a little sooner than I thought, just because I don’t feel like I have the brainpower to do my job, and that my people tolerance is slipping as well. I feel like I’m not getting enough sleep, but I am getting lots of sleep. I wish I could take a nap around lunchtime, I think that might help. Under the current plan, counting this week, I have eight weeks until my leave starts. That means 29 days in the office and 8 telecommute days, or 37 actual days of work, or 55 days (counting weekends and holidays) until my leave. It seems like forever.
Some people are a mean drunk, I fear that I am slowly becoming a mean pregnant.


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