firesion was so cute this morning. He woke me up and told me, “Welcome to the third trimester!”

This week inside Jen:
How your baby’s growing: By this week, your baby weighs a little over 2 pounds and measures about 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels. He can open his eyes — which now sport lashes — and he’ll turn his head toward a continuous, bright light from the outside. His fat layers are beginning to form, too, as he gets ready for life outside the womb.
Hair on baby’s head is growing longer. Some babies are born with almost none at all, while others appear to be ready for their first haircut! Eyes are completely formed now. Quite a view from inside! Your baby’s body is getting plump and rounded. Most of that increase is muscle tissue and bone. Fat will be added during the third trimester. Muscle tone is improving. Preparation for the Olympics feels like it is taking place in your womb! Lungs are capable of breathing now (but baby would still struggle and require medical attention if born now) Talk to your baby often, reading stories, singing songs and more. He can recognize your voice now and will often calm to it later on!
I don’t think I mentioned missnikkimo before. She had the same due date as me, but on 5/5, they preformed an emergency C section on her (due to medical issues). Her baby girl is actually doing very well (WOO HOO!!). I find it odd that developmentally, her baby and Landon are at about the same place. Her baby is in NICU, and she won’t be able to take her home for a few weeks, but the concept that Landon would be okay (with much medical attention) on the outside just amazes me!
So, on to the rundown from the hospital tour:
Overall, Chandler Regional Hospital (CRH) seemed like a nice place. The L&D rooms were spacious, and they had all the equipment for being able to weigh, clean, measure baby right in the room. They have a good system for keeping the baby properly “tagged” so no one else goes home with your baby. They also have a “lo-jack” ankle bracelet for baby to wear. The nurse who gave the tour annoyed me a little. She was very “no pain” drug happy. She did say that if you were attempting to go natural (with that look on her face, like, who would be dumb enough to do that) that they hospital would allow you to labor on a birthing ball in the very spacious showers that are part of the in room private bathroom. No baths, just showers though. Also, she was very clear that all women would be expected to deliver on the bed, with your feet in stirrups. Now these beds are adjustable, so I’d like to know how adjustable. If I can give birth at an almost 90 degree angle in the bed, then, well, that’s a good thing, and I’m okay with it. Based on all the reading I’ve done, the last thing I want to do is attempt natural childbirth flat on my back. (Being on your back actually causes the size of the pelvis to shrink, while squatting or sitting up can cause the pelvis to open up and allow more space for the baby, also it helps to have gravity on your side, baby heading down, not horizontally.) I do want to go as natural as possible. I need to talk to my doctor at my next visit (May 31). According to the hospital, it is not hospital policy to hook you up to an IV when you walk in. So if my doc tells me that is their policy, then I will look for another doctor. Also, you can eat and drink while in labor at CRH, although the nurse gave me that crazed look when I asked, and told me she doubted if I would want anything more than ice chips. We will have to see, but at least I know I have that option. While in labor, the rules say you can have 2 people with you (my plan is MIL and hubby) but that they let you have three (perhaps a doula?)
The recovery rooms were smaller, but baby can stay with you in room, and so can hubby, which is good. If you have an elective or scheduled C section, then you can have 1 person in the room with you (hubby) and he can take the baby from surgery to nursery and wait it out with baby until I’m all stitched up. If you have an ER C section (which is really the only type I might have) then you can’t have anyone in the room with you. That is bad and will freak me out. Daddy can still take baby from surgery to nursery and stay with baby, assuming baby is in good health. I really don’t want a C section, especially not the ER type. The idea of being awake while they cut me open, not to mention I’d have to have the Epidural, which I don’t want at all, and then to not have Bobby there to hold my hand? If I think on it too long, I’ll get nightmares.
I am currently in the “debating a doula” phase.
My biggest problem? They are pricey. They run from about $400-$800. The big reason I want one? This statistic: 50% reduction in cesarean rate. There are other reasons to have one as well, but part of me keeps thinking that it is an awful lot of money to have a stranger hold my hand. I know that I would meet with them before hand and stuff, so they wouldn’t be a total stranger, but chances are I wouldn’t be comfortable with them before the birth. I’m just not really sure what they do is worth that amount of money for me. I have read up on natural childbirth, and on lots of my options, and some of the people (natural childbirth advocates) seem crazy. (Crazy might not be the right word…. Overzealous? Nazi Like? Blind to the opinions of others?) That includes some of the doulas. I wouldn’t know where to get one that wasn’t crazy.
Anyway, I sent off some emails to some doulas, and asked some questions. Of course, none of the people who responded took the time to answer my questions, and instead encouraged me to call them. I don’t want to call them. I wanted to screen a few via email. Instead, it looks like I screened them all out. Most of them wouldn’t even give me prices over email. Blargh. I’m email happy, I want a doula I can email who will answer questions via email, not who will call me.
Anyway, to get beyond that. Landon has been making his presence known more and more. He has found a few places or ways he can move that are uncomfortable to me, and of course, his favorite time to move there is when I am attempting to go to bed. I love the little brat, despite his mission to annoy momma.
I can’t believe I only have 12 weeks until my due date, and only 9 weeks left until my maternity leave!

Feel free to weigh in on the whole To Doula or Not to Doula issue. Advice, opinions, and experience with birth both Doula free and Doula heavy would be helpful!


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