I know that doctor’s offices like to operate under the “No news is Good News” scenario, and normally I’m okay with that.
But when it comes to tests that may concern Lan, I like to hear one way or the other. And I always forget to ask them to call me with results wither way.
So I called and got my test results for the GD test from Monday. I scored 100. Normal is between 60 and 139, we are right on for normal.
I did something to my left shoulder. I don’t know if its from sleeping on it all the time (very possible) or just from lugging my laptop in its bag around walking to and from work (also very possible), or even just a combination of the two, but it hurts. I tried putting ice on it last night, and that didn’t help. A HOT shower didn’t help either. If Bobby were home, I’d have him rub it, but he isn’t. Last night, I would have paid a masseuse $100 to come to my house and rub it because it hurt so freaking bad. I debated setting up an appt today, but with work and Thursday pot luck, I just don’t have time. Bobby will be back tomorrow (Friday).
The other good news is that I have had a horrid craving for cake recently. Tonight I get cake! Woo hoo!!


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